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Why Women Become Egg Donors

Unlocking the mysteries of why women become egg donors

Unlocking the mysteries of why women become egg donors

Over the years, advances in fertility treatments have made it possible for the USC Fertility team to help patients fulfill their parenthood dreams. Treatment options can include fertility medications, intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF) and third party reproduction, which may involve donor eggs. When you begin considering an egg donor, you may first want to understand the reasons why women become egg donors.

Our Los Angeles fertility doctors explain the need for egg donors

As part of the fertility evaluation, your doctor will complete a full workup on you and your partner before recommending any treatments. If your physician finds that female infertility plays a role in your issues with conceiving, considering an egg donor may be an important option to explore. Often, egg donation provides another option for women over 35, patients with a low ovarian reserve, individuals with low-quality eggs and those who can’t produce viable eggs due to cancer treatment or genetic issues.

Learn why women become egg donors

We know that our patients and their partners want to understand why women become egg donors. Generally, women who become egg donors make this choice for a multitude of reasons. Although these women receive compensation, this is also an altruistic act that requires considerable thought and commitment from the egg donors.

Our Los Angeles fertility doctors have worked with countless donors over the years, and they have shared the following reasons for becoming egg donors.

  • Helping to create new families
  • Supporting couples and individuals struggling with infertility
  • Giving back to those in need
  • Creating an enduring legacy
  • Gaining financial independence

Let our fertility experts walk with you on the path to parenthood

At USC Fertility, we acknowledge the trust that our patients have placed in us. We understand our patients’ concerns about the infertility treatment process, including considering an egg donor. Our fertility doctors have taken the necessary precautions to protect patients and donors and to encourage successful outcomes. Contact our office for more information about why women become egg donors and how to begin the process of exploring the use of donor eggs.

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