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Why Do Diagnostic Fertility Testing?

Q&A about fertility testing

Why should you have fertility diagnostic testing?

Performing fertility diagnostic testing can help you make decisions for your future, by evaluating your reproductive potential now. By testing your ovarian reserve we cannot predict the end of your reproductive years. We also cannot predict how quickly and when your ovarian reserve will drop in the future. However, testing can provide important insights that help you evaluate your options and allow us to help you planning your future fertility plans.

How does fertility diagnostic testing work?

The fertility diagnostic testing at USC is $250 for a woman and $200 for a man. For women that includes the three blood tests and the one ultrasound and for men that includes the semen analysis. After completing your tests, we will email your results within one week. You’ll find a basic explanation of the results and a recommendation for consultation if necessary.  If you decide that you want further discussion of your results and future options, you will need to set up an consultation appointment with a physician.

Do I need to get off of birth control first?

You do not need to get off of hormonal contraception in order to do fertility diagnostic testing. However, it is possible that the hormonal birth control could influence the results, but we may not know this until the testing is done.

Can I get the testing if I don’t have regular periods?

Yes, you can get diagnostic testing performed if you don’t have regular periods. If your periods are greater than 45 days apart, you can come in at any time in your cycle for testing, you don’t need to wait for day 3. If you have questions, our office can provide more information.

Take charge of your future fertility by having fertility diagnostic testing done today!