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Who Needs Preconception Genetic Testing?

Get the facts about preconception genetic testing

Get the facts about preconception genetic testing

When you and your partner begin discussing family planning, you will likely talk about timelines, career goals, childcare and finances. However, only a few couples initially bring up the matter of preconception genetic testing. Our Los Angeles fertility clinic experts want to explain why you may need to add this topic to your list.

What is preconception genetic testing?

Also referred to as carrier screening, preconception genetic testing allows you and your partner to look at your genetic makeup to see whether you could pass on any genetic illnesses to your future children. We believe this testing provides important information that you can use for family planning. As a carrier, you might not exhibit any symptoms, but you still could pass genetic conditions on to your children.

What do you need to know about carrier screening?

Knowledge is power. With preconception genetic testing, you and your partner can gain valuable insight that can influence your decisions about building a family. The following facts can help you make informed choices about any carrier screening.

This type of testing can help you and your partner determine whether you both carry the genes for certain disorders. For example, if only one of you carries the gene for cystic fibrosis, your children will not inherit the disease, but they could be carriers themselves.

While we can offer genetic screenings during pregnancy, preconception testing allows you and your partner to know about any potential disorders and explore options like donor eggs or sperm, IVF with preimplantation genetic testing and adoption.

Ethnicity and family history can help determine if you need preconception genetic testing and which diseases you should test for. Certain illnesses affect different ethnic groups. Tay-Sachs typically affects individuals of Jewish heritage, sickle cell disease often occurs in the African American community and cystic fibrosis tends to strike Caucasian families.

Our fertility experts will work with you to determine whether genetic screening is warranted so that you don’t need to endure needless worry and unnecessary expenses.

Visiting a fertility specialist can feel overwhelming, but we are here to support you. Our entire team will work tirelessly to help you have a healthy baby. Contact our Los Angeles fertility clinic for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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