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Welcome to USC Fertility

As the private fertility practice of the Division of Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility at the of the prestigious Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California, USC Fertility is at the forefront of scientific progress in the field of reproductive medicine, recognized for their expertise in cutting edge fertility research and superior pregnancy success rates with all forms of fertility treatment. The program combines medical research and clinical know-how in fertility treatment at one of the nation’s premier research institutions with the convenience and responsiveness of a small office-based fertility clinic. The physicians are all full-time academic faculty of the USC School of Medicine. The primary office is conveniently located adjacent to Good Samaritan Hospital near the heart of Los Angeles. With our location near Downtown Los Angeles, we are easily accessible from all over the greater Los Angeles area with convenient access from the 110, 10, 101 and 5 freeways.

USC Fertility provides the full spectrum of fertility treatments, from the most cutting edge assisted reproductive techniques to more basic fertility procedures such as intrauterine inseminations. All forms of advanced reproductive care are available, including in vitro fertilization (IVF), gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT), zygote intrafallopian tube transfer (ZIFT), tubal embryo transfer (TET), intra-cytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI), with or without microsurgical sperm aspiration (MESA) or testicular sperm extraction (TESE), natural cycle IVF and the use of oocyte donation and/or gestational surrogacy as well as the latest technology of oocyte cryopreservation (egg freezing).

USC Fertility is recognized nationally and internationally for its pioneering work with various fertility treatments. The program for assisted reproduction is among the oldest and most stable programs in the country, with the same medical director (Dr. Richard J. Paulson) since 1986 and the same laboratory director (Mary Francis) since 1987. Under their leadership, the program has gained world renowned fame for its ground-breaking work in natural cycle IVF, oocyte donation, especially to women of advanced reproductive age, laboratory methods, including embryo media and sperm preparation research, and award winning embryo implantation research, including overcoming implantation problems in older women. USC Fertility has reported the largest number of pregnancies after egg freezing in the Los Angeles area.

USC Fertility provides expert medical care in all aspects of reproductive endocrinology, including menopause, menstrual disorders, polycystic ovarian syndrome, androgen excess, amenorrhea, endometriosis, disorders of puberty, and contraception. The primary focus of the practice is the treatment of infertility, especially the use of advanced reproductive technologies.

The clinical and research experience produced by the program has led to the publication of over a hundred scientific publications. Many of the scientific presentations have been awarded with prizes for excellence in research. The accumulated experience has also been published in two books, including “Mishell’s Textbook of Infertility, Contraception, and Reproductive Endocrinology”, a standard medical text used by medical schools, and“Rewinding Your Biological Clock: Motherhood Late in Life”, a lay publication which details the biology, emotions and ethics of egg donation to women of advanced reproductive age.

Dr. Paulson has also provided expert technical review for “Infertility for Dummies” from Wiley Publishing.

USC Fertility continues its commitment to provide state-of-the-art medical services to women and couples in a personal supportive environment and maintains its leadership position in the rapidly expanding field of assisted reproduction.