USC Fertility


The Weekly Office Meeting

As you can well imagine, all of us here at USC Fertility lead fairly busy work lives. Doctors come and go from Good Samaritan Hospital, academic offices, and classrooms while staff members stay busy within their own departments at our main Wilshire Boulevard location in Downtown Los Angeles.

Thankfully, once a week, the entire USC Fertility team meets in one place, at one time, to catch one another up on all that we have going on at any given moment.

I usually lead this weekly staff meeting in the conference room, where we discuss general issues that pertain to all staff and doctors, and where we review every patient going through the program so that we are all aware of each one’s treatment plan and how they are doing.

Following this regularly scheduled general get-together, I always meet for about 30 minutes with Drs. Paulson, Chung, and Bendikson so that we can discuss other items in detail and talk about upcoming projects which we need to be focusing on, whether it be a TV news crew coming to interview one of the doctors or the logistics for an out-of-town conference most of the staff will be attending.

Despite the considerable amount of valuable information that is exchanged each week during this time, our staff meetings are also an important social time for us. There’s something to be said for sitting down together, having lunch, and re-connecting. It’s a lot of work, but more often than not, it’s also a lot of fun.

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