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Valentine’s Day and Infertility – Tips for Couples

Tips for handling Valentine’s Day and infertility

Tips for handling Valentine’s Day and infertility

If you and your partner are struggling to conceive, you have probably found yourself knee deep in fertility tests, medications, office visits and cycle monitoring. This may leave you both feeling less than connected. The doctors at our Los Angeles fertility center want to encourage you to make the most of Valentine’s Day and infertility. Use this special holiday to put the romance back in your relationship.

A helpful guide to Valentine’s Day and infertility

As you navigate the challenging path of infertility treatment, you can easily lose sight of your bond as a couple. We believe that you can benefit from using this holiday as a chance to refocus and strengthen your commitment to each other. Consider the following ideas about Valentine’s Day and infertility from our Los Angeles fertility center team.

  • Remember the romance. Valentine’s Day is all about flowers, hearts, chocolate and love. Take this opportunity to buy each other old-school Valentines. Then, allow yourselves to revel in these gifts and add some delight back into your relationship.
  • Take a break from TTC. Agree to table all talk of baby making until after Valentine’s Day. Focus this time on each other and remember what brought you together as a couple.
  • Be spontaneous. Trying to get pregnant can take the joy out of your sex life. For Valentine’s Day, pull out the lingerie, light the candles and rediscover the fun of enjoying each other in the bedroom.
  • Plan couple-focused activities. Because this day is a holiday about love, you should find no shortage of things to do as a couple. Enjoy a fancy dinner at a restaurant, buy tickets to the theater for the latest show or plan a relaxing weekend getaway to a nearby B&B.

When you want a baby and can’t conceive, the stress can take a toll on both of you individually and as a couple. Our Los Angeles fertility center experts recommend that our patients use Valentine’s Day to revitalize their relationships with their partners. Contact our office for more information about handling Valentine’s Day and infertility or to schedule an appointment.

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