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Dr. Bendikson Talks Fertility on “Whine Down”

Dr. Bendikson answers your fertility questions on “Whine Down”

Most of us have fertility questions. Kristin Bendikson MD addressed many of them on two special segments of “Whine Down.” During the podcasts, our Los Angeles fertility doctor answered a wide variety of questions.

On January 20, Dr. Bendikson answered questions about pregnancy and beyond.

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Dr. Bendikson Discusses Fertility Basics on “The Real”

Hear what Dr. Bendikson said about fertility basics on “The Real”

Kristin Bendikson MD explained everything you need to know about fertility basics on the “What’s Up Doc?” segment of “The Real.” During the special fertility edition of the show, our Los Angeles fertility doctor answered all your burning questions.

She explained how common infertility is and the best ways to improve pregnancy success.

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Dr. Bendikson Discusses Egg Freezing for Young Women

Watch Dr. Bendikson’s interview with Good Morning America about egg freezing for young women

It’s a fact that fertility slowly declines with age. More companies are marketing egg freezing for young women, including women in their early-20s. While many millennials are considering fertility preservation after hearing compelling marketing messaging, Dr. Kristin Bendikson sets the record straight during a Good Morning America segment.

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Dr. Paulson Discusses PGT Advances

Read Dr. Paulson’s interview in Forbes about PGT advances

More hopeful parents are talking to their fertility doctors about combining preimplantation genetic testing (PGT) with IVF. In the past, this involved testing a few biopsied cells from the growing embryo. One fertility center now claims that testing the DNA that leaks out of an embryo can provide results that are just as accurate.

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Dr. Bendikson Talks Wearable Fertility Trackers

See Dr. Bendikson’s interview with KFSN-TV (ABC, Fresno)

The popularity of wearable fertility trackers like Ava is growing, but do they really work? Kristin Bendikson MD was recently interviewed about these devices and whether they can increase a woman’s odds of conceiving naturally.

Most wearable fertility trackers measure a woman’s body temperature to determine her fertility window each month.

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Dr. Bendikson Discusses the Basics of Hormonal Birth Control on mindbodygreen

Nearly 1 in 5 women are taking hormonal birth control. What makes this form of birth control so popular and effective? Kristin Bendikson MD wrote a feature article for mindbodygreen to help women learn how this type of contraceptive works.

Our Los Angeles fertility doctor explained everything from what’s in the pill to whether you need to have a period while you take it.

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