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Dr. Paulson Interviewed by CNN about IVF and Insurance Coverage

40 years after the birth of the first IVF baby, many insurance companies still don’t pay for this highly effective fertility treatment. Because in vitro fertilization is often the only way for some men and women to have a biological child, more people are lobbying for increased coverage of IVF.

Richard Paulson MD spoke to CNN about the reasons why insurance companies are still reluctant to provide coverage for IVF.

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Dr. Paulson on NPR Following the Ohio Storage Tank Failure

USC Fertility is world-renowned for delivering leading edge fertility treatments with compassion.

The physicians at our Los Angeles fertility center care about all men and women who are struggling with infertility, so they have been following the tragic news regarding the egg and embryo storage failures in Cleveland and San Francisco.

As a leader in the field of reproductive medicine and the director of USC Fertility,

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Dr. Paulson in The Atlantic on Growing Cheaper Embryos for IVF Inside the Vagina

Growing Cheaper Embryos for IVF Inside the Vagina

SARAH ELIZABETH RICHARDS JUL 12, 2017 HEALTHA new vaginal incubator is half the price of traditional IVF and could be more acceptable to Catholics. Will it revolutionize access to fertility medicine?

As the number of U.S. babies born as a result of fertility treatment tops 1 million—an all-time high—clinics are under pressure to keep up to date with pricey lab equipment that can create,

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Dr. Bendikson on ABC News Online Regarding Zika Concerns for Fertility Patients

Zika Virus Forces Tough Choices on Couples Seeking Fertility Treatment

With fears about the Zika virus and fertility at an all-time high, ABC News Online interviewed Kristin Bendikson MD about her advice for men and women who want to become parents. She discusses why the virus forces couples seeking fertility treatment to make tough choices – and how they can protect their children from the effects of the illness.

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Dr. Bendikson Featured in Scientific American on Egg Freezing

Female fertility declines with age, but fertility preservation can help women postpone motherhood. With elective egg freezing on the rise, Scientific American featured Kristin Bendikson MD in an article about the increased demand for oocyte preservation.

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