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POPSUGAR Interviews Dr. Bendikson About Surrogacy and COVID-19

See what Dr. Bendikson said to POPSUGAR about surrogacy and COVID-19

We all know that the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed the plans of hopeful parents around the country and the world. However, how is it affecting family-building using methods like gestational surrogacy and adoption? Dr. Kristin Bendikson recently spoke to POPSUGAR about the topic of surrogacy and COVID-19.

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Dr. Paulson Discusses How to Determine a Woman’s Most Fertile Days

Dr. Paulson spoke to Today about how women can conceive by determining their most fertile days

Did you know that women can’t get pregnant all the time? It’s true, thanks to something called a fertility window. This refers to a woman’s most fertile days, and when she is most likely to conceive. Richard Paulson MD spoke to Today about this concept.

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Dr. Ho Talks Secondary Infertility Facts in The New York Times

Dr. Ho spoke to The New York Times about secondary infertility facts

Can you experience infertility after you’ve already had one healthy baby? The answer is yes, and fertility doctors call it secondary infertility. Jacqueline Ho MD spoke to The New York Times about secondary infertility facts. From what issues can cause it to how doctors treat it,

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Dr. Paulson Explains to WebMD How to Find a Reputable Fertility Clinic

News of an IVF embryo mix-up at a fertility center has left many patients wondering how to find a reputable clinic. To answer this question, WebMD Health News interviewed some of the top fertility doctors, including Richard Paulson MD of our Los Angeles fertility center.

From visiting a board certified reproductive endocrinologist to finding a center that is accredited by the Society for Assisted Reproductive Technology (SART),

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Dr. Bendikson Talks Fertility on “Whine Down”

Dr. Bendikson answers your fertility questions on “Whine Down”

Most of us have fertility questions. Kristin Bendikson MD addressed many of them on two special segments of “Whine Down.” During the podcasts, our Los Angeles fertility doctor answered a wide variety of questions.

On January 20, Dr. Bendikson answered questions about pregnancy and beyond.

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Dr. Bendikson Discusses Fertility Basics on “The Real”

Hear what Dr. Bendikson said about fertility basics on “The Real”

Kristin Bendikson MD explained everything you need to know about fertility basics on the “What’s Up Doc?” segment of “The Real.” During the special fertility edition of the show, our Los Angeles fertility doctor answered all your burning questions.

She explained how common infertility is and the best ways to improve pregnancy success.

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