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Traveling During Fertility Treatment

Consider these helpful hints for traveling during fertility treatment

Consider these helpful hints for traveling during fertility treatment

At USC Fertility, we understand that trying to conceive, or TTC, can take a mental and physical toll. A relaxing vacation can help renew your body and mind. Picking up and leaving the world behind does require planning if you’re undergoing infertility treatment, especially given the current pandemic. Our Los Angeles fertility center experts can provide insight into traveling during fertility treatment.

Discover the keys to successfully traveling during fertility treatment

Often, trying to conceive and fertility treatments can take over your life. With advanced preparation, traveling during fertility treatment can offer a much-needed break. Additionally, the current COVID-19 crisis has added another layer that requires consideration. The following tips can help make your time away successful and safe.

  • Plan ahead. Before you leave, consult with your doctor on the best timing for a trip, given where you are with TTC and the fertility treatment process. Remember to ask your doctor for a travel note and check any guidelines for traveling with medication.
  • Stay informed. As your travel date approaches, review the CDC and WHO websites for any travel advisories and check the tourism websites for the areas you plan to visit. During the summer, the Zika virus is a concern in certain areas. This year be sure to check for potential coronavirus hot spots too. It is important to maintain social distancing so that you keep yourself healthy for fertility treatments and pregnancy.
  • Keep your medication with you. With airline travel, you risk flight delays or losing your luggage, so pack your medication in a carry-on to avoid any potential issues. You may also want to invest in a small cooler for any medicine that needs refrigeration.
  • Maintain your medication schedule. Part of the fun with vacation is letting go of morning alarms, daily meetings and the everyday drudgery. However, you still need to take your medicine as directed, so consider writing out the schedule and setting reminders in your phone.

Prepare for success with USC Fertility

Dealing with infertility can leave you and your partner feeling drained. Contact our Los Angeles fertility center for support during this challenging time, including advice for traveling while TTC. Contact USC Fertility for more information about traveling during fertility treatment or to schedule an appointment.

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