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Words can’t express how thankful my whole family is for Dr. Marsha Baker!

I’m 46 years old and I had been treated at 2 other IVF clinics over the years before finding Dr. Marsha Baker. I was very discouraged before I met Dr. Baker but I figured I’d give it one more shot. On my first visit, I knew something was different about her as she took much more time with me in comparison to other fertility doctors I’d worked with. She educated me beyond what any other doctor had done as she actually took the time to draw me pictures, show me graphs and she even pulled up a presentation on her computer to clarify some of my questions! Throughout my fertility journey with her, she was the most compassionate but yet incredibly knowledgeable doctor I’d ever worked with. One time I sat in her office and cried as the fertility journey can be an emotional experience and she talked me through it as she handed me tissues! She expertly advised my husband and I on how to have the best chances to get pregnant and fast forward to now and I’m now 6 months pregnant with a baby boy! Words can’t express how thankful my whole family is for Dr. Marsha Baker! If you have been on a fertility journey, or, if you have been to other IVF clinics and have been disappointed- my experience taught me that there IS A BIG DIFFERENCE between these fertility clinics and it’s important you choose the right one!

So don’t be discouraged – instead go see Dr. Marsha Baker – she’s the best fertility MD there is out there with the biggest heart in the world!

Lisa K.

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