USC Fertility

We tried two other doctors…

before we took a chance on Dr. Paulson and the staff here at the USC Fertility Center.


We were given his information about the same time we started seeing the first specialist about 3 years ago, and let me tell you how much we regret not coming directly to Dr. Paulson. After 2 miscarriages (one which resulted in a D&C), we went to the second specialist, and his very impersonal approach was very off-putting.

With my husband and I so disheartened, and close to giving up, we finally took a chance and made the appointment with Dr. Paulson’s staff. Everyone, from the staff that greets you, to the nurses in the back, was so helpful and encouraging. Each step was explained clearly, and we were told what to expect with each process.

Though we didn’t have any expectations of success since we had such a difficult time previously, we didn’t give up hope that we would become parents. With Dr. Paulson’s more aggressive approach, we were able to conceive, and on June 19, 2014, we had a beautiful and healthy baby girl. We are so appreciative and grateful to Dr. Paulson and the entire group of people that have come together under the doctors at USC. Without your gentle encouragement and smiling faces, this very emotional and difficult process would have been a continued hell. Thank you!

Liz A.

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