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We never expected to find ourselves in a fertility clinic

6724228_s (1)Like most people, my husband I never expected to find ourselves in a fertility clinic. We had been told since we were teenagers how easy it was to get pregnant, so what gives? We felt overwhelmed as we started down the unknown path to getting pregnant, and from the first day we walked into USC Fertility, that initial feeling changed from overwhelmed to comforted and supported. The doctors, nurses, and entire staff held our hands through our journey (often, quite literally), and always knew what to say or to do, even during the moments when I was pretty much a basket case, from hormones, disappointment, or just plain confusion. I cannot imagine having gone through this process with anyone else. When we were about to do our second round of IVF, Dr. Bendikson showed us a picture of our embryo and told us that it doesn’t get any more perfect than that. She was absolutely right. That day led to our first son being born … and that pregnancy led to our second son being born, as our OB put it “the cheap way.” In our hearts, we believe that had we not gone down the assisted fertility road with our first son that neither of our boys would have been born. Everyone at USC Fertility helped us make the best decisions for our family. The doctors are crazy smart, and we always knew we were in the best possible hands. If you’re embarking on this journey, you want to be sure you’re going somewhere that makes you feel good every time you walk in the door. This is undoubtedly the place.   Kelley

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