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LGBTQ Fertility Legal Considerations

USC Fertility supports our patients as they navigate LGBTQ fertility legal considerations

For over three decades, USC Fertility has helped our patients grow their families. We understand that just like fingerprints, every family is different. With same-sex family planning, you and your partner may face specific LGBTQ fertility legal considerations, so our Los Angeles fertility clinic team stands ready to partner with you every step of the way.

Understanding the nuances related to same-sex family planning

When you and your partner decide you’re ready to start your family, we’re prepared to help you plan your course on the path to parenthood. Because of the unique situations that can arise with LGBTQ family planning, our team will explain all the details. Same-sex family planning may involve the use of donor eggs, donor sperm, donor embryos, a gestational surrogate or some combination of these options.

Looking at common LGBTQ fertility legal considerations

Thanks to advances in technology and changes in family law, same-sex couples have a variety of options for becoming parents. Our Los Angeles fertility clinic can offer additional resources related to the legalities involved in these situations. As you and your partner prepare to embark on this journey, we want you to think about the following important LGBTQ fertility legal considerations.

Think about your preferred path to parenthood. Before starting the fertility treatment process, you and your partner should discuss details like using a known donor versus a donor agency, who will provide the egg or sperm, and other critical decisions.

Consider the implications of your relationship status. Whether you’re single, in an unmarried partnership or married can determine the level of legal maneuvering you have to undertake to be named your child’s legal parent. Keep this fact in mind as you move forward.

Take steps to protect your rights. If you don’t have a biological connection to your child, legal experts usually suggest taking action to protect your legal rights as a parent. As a part of this process, be sure to research the laws in your state because they can vary.

Factor in costs. Same-sex couples may incur additional expenses related to using donors and gestational carriers, as well as adoption paperwork for the non-biological parent. Our financial team can break down the treatment costs so that you have an idea of those expenses.

Taking the first steps to create your family at USC Fertility

If you and your partner have questions about LGBTQ fertility legal considerations, the staff at our Los Angeles fertility clinic can address your concerns. During your consultation, your doctor can discuss your specific situation and review the available treatment options. Call our fertility clinic for more information or to schedule an appointment.