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IUI for Lesbian Couples

Explore IUI for lesbian couples at our Los Angeles fertility center

Families come in all shapes and sizes. As a result, the team at USC fertility remains committed to helping our patients with same-sex family building and IUI for lesbian couples. Over time, we have gained more treatment options for LGBTQ patients. Our Los Angeles fertility center experts can explain your options, which will allow you and your partner to determine the best plan for your success.

USC Fertility supports our patients with same-sex family-building options

As you and your partner take steps to grow your family, our team can help. We respect your commitment to each other and your desire to celebrate your love through same-sex family building. Not all lesbian couples will face infertility, but we still recommend an assessment to identify any possible hindrances to conception. This evaluation will usually include a complete medical history, a physical exam, bloodwork and a sonogram.

Beginning the process of IUI for lesbian couples

Armed with the results, you and your partner can meet with your doctor and determine the next steps. Fertility testing may reveal that it makes more sense for one partner to undergo IUI. If neither partner has any potential fertility issues, you will want to discuss who will carry the pregnancy. If you decide that you want one partner to supply the eggs and the other partner to carry the pregnancy, then you should consider reciprocal IVF. Our Los Angeles fertility center team will help you and your partner determine which treatment makes the most sense for you as a couple.

Choosing a sperm donor

Selecting a sperm donor is an important part of IUI for lesbian couples. Some couples opt to use a known donor, such as a family member, a friend or an acquaintance. Others decide to choose an anonymous donor from a sperm bank. You and your partner will want to weigh the pros and cons of both options so that you can decide what makes sense for your situation.

A brief overview of IUI for lesbian couples

Once you have selected the sperm donor, we can begin the IUI process. Typically, it involves the following steps.

  • Your doctor will decide whether you should do a natural or a medicated cycle. If you’re doing a medicated one, your doctor will prescribe medication to stimulate egg production.
  • We will use bloodwork and ultrasounds to check egg development.
  • In preparation for the procedure, our andrologists will wash and prepare the donor sperm to separate the highest quality sperm for the insemination.
  • At the appropriate time, your doctor will transfer the sperm to the uterus using a catheter inserted through the cervix.

Let USC Fertility be your trusted fertility partner

At USC Fertility, our physicians utilize modern therapies, including IUI for lesbian couples, to help our patients create the beautiful families they desire. If you would like details about same-sex family building, contact our Los Angeles fertility center for more information or to schedule an appointment.