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Egg Donation for Gay Couples

Egg donation for gay couples is a successful LGBTQ fertility treatment

The team at USC Fertility supports our patients as they work to grow their families. We know LGBTQ fertility treatments often require additional preparation, so we will help make sure the entire process runs smoothly. When you visit our Los Angeles fertility center, your doctor will answer your questions, address any concerns and explain your options, including egg donation for gay couples.

Understanding the basics of egg donation for gay couples

Once you and your partner decide to pursue egg donation, you will begin the process by picking an egg donor. An important part of the decision is determining whether to use an anonymous or known egg donor. Pros and cons exist for both scenarios, so you and your partner will need to weigh all the considerations.

Any potential donor, whether anonymous or known, will need to undergo a rigorous screening process that includes a complete medical history, an evaluation of her general and reproductive health, a mental health assessment, a physical exam and a review of any potential genetic diseases.

Choosing the right egg donor

Whether you select an egg donor through an agency or opt for a close friend or relative, our Los Angeles fertility center wants to assist you in making the best decision for your family. The following tips can help you pick your donor while pursuing egg donation for gay couples.

  • Prioritize what matters most. Narrowing down the list of which traits matter most to you and your partner will help you examine possible candidates more efficiently.
  • Stay open-minded. The more flexible you and your partner are about potential egg donors, the easier it will be to find the right match.
  • Plan for legal considerations. If you choose a known egg donor, you should meet with an attorney to create an egg donor contract.

Once you’ve selected your donor, the next exciting steps can begin. The egg donor must take fertility medications to stimulate her ovaries to produce multiple eggs. She will then undergo a short outpatient procedure to retrieve her eggs. You and/or your partner will provide a sperm sample to our Los Angeles fertility center, and our laboratory will combine it with the donor eggs. Finally, your doctor will transfer one of the resulting embryos to the uterus of a gestational surrogate (carrier). This is the woman you will select to carry and deliver your baby.

Partner with USC Fertility to achieve your dreams

Families, like babies, come in lots of shapes and sizes, and we want to help our patients attain their goals for parenthood. Our Los Angeles fertility center experts can explain LGBTQ fertility treatments to you and your partner. Contact our office for more information about egg donation for gay couples or to schedule an appointment.