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Preconception Genetic Testing

Take a proactive approach to your future with preconception genetic testing

Take a proactive approach to your future with preconception genetic testing

For couples and individuals trying to grow their family, a healthy baby is the main goal. The team at USC Fertility wants our patients to have everything they need to make informed decisions about family planning. Before our patients conceive, the physicians at our Los Angeles fertility center often suggest preconception genetic testing. This assessment offers information about the risks of passing on genetic abnormalities to any children.

Our team breaks down the basics of preconception genetic testing

Human genes are pieces of DNA arranged in specific sequences. When changes appear in those sequences, mutations occur that can lead to genetic disorders. Healthy individuals can carry certain disorders without having those diseases. Many of these diseases are inherited in a recessive way, meaning both partners must carry the defective gene to pass it on to their children. Preconception genetic testing enables our Los Angeles fertility center physicians to screen you and your partner for any potential issues.

Should you consider preconception genetic testing?

Ethnicity and family history are key factors in deciding whether to undergo preconception testing. For example, African American couples have a greater risk for sickle cell disease. Caucasian parents with Northern European ancestors may have a higher risk of cystic fibrosis, while families with a Jewish heritage should consider screening for Tay-Sachs.

Understanding the preconception genetic testing process

Once our patients have determined that they want to utilize preconception genetic testing, the process is relatively simple. We will review your medical history and family background to identify which screening tests make the most sense. The actual screening is administered via blood testing. After we receive the results, your Los Angeles fertility center physician will review them and discuss the follow-up plans.

If you would like to understand more about preconception testing, our physicians can provide detailed information on the available options. We can answer any questions and explain the next steps. Contact our Los Angeles fertility center to make an appointment.

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