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PGS after Miscarriage

After Miscarriage, You Want to Know: What Went Wrong?

pgs-after-miscarriage-blogYour closet contains a row of unworn maternity clothes, and you walk by the empty nursery decorated for the baby you never got to hold. How could it be that the pregnancy you’ve been preparing for is suddenly not a reality?

Our Los Angeles fertility center team is highly experienced in helping intended parents deal with life after miscarriage. And, they say your dreams of having a baby – after one miscarriage or even several – don’t have to go by the wayside. Preimplantation genetic screening (PGS) and other treatments can help.

“But I Did Everything Right”

It’s not unusual to feel guilty about your miscarriage, even though you did everything right. You took care of yourself, followed your doctor’s orders, read up on all the materials. Our Los Angeles fertility specialists understand how you feel. But they also reassure you that you very likely had nothing to do with it. But whatever the reason – you know you don’t want it to happen again.

PGS and PGD after Miscarriage

Chromosomal abnormalities are the major cause of miscarriage. And just because an embryo “looks” normal doesn’t mean it is. Twenty-three pairs of chromosomes have to perfectly match up to create a healthy embryo.

By examining embryos using PGS and transferring only a healthy, normal embryo, our Los Angeles fertility specialists can offer you a much greater chance of pregnancy success and reduce the chance that you will miscarry again. They use sophisticated technology to retrieve and fertilize eggs, then observe them in the lab. Through genetic analysis, they can tell whether the growing embryos are chromosomally normal. Read how PGS works at our Los Angeles fertility center.

In addition, some cases may benefit from preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD), which looks for heritable chromosome disorders.

Fulfilling the Dream

You might have questioned whether you even want to try to get pregnant again after a miscarriage, especially if you’ve had more than one. Our fertility specialists say “don’t give up.” PGS really does help and can give them the information they need to help you avoid another devastating outcome and instead bring a healthy new baby into the world!

Contact us: Visit our new USC Center for Pregnancy Loss for information and resources to get started on your path to a successful pregnancy.

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