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A Patient’s Poem

This is a poem written by one of our current patients about their fertility journey. It sincerely touched me and I thought it would touch so many others who have struggled or who are struggling with infertility.

Some of you may know that every other year we celebrate our USC Fertility family by having a baby reunion around Mother’s day in the park…at the top of this poem, our patient has placed a photo of our last baby reunion…

We are looking forward to them being at our picnic in the park as well as many others who are on their journey to become parents.


Picnic in the Park
by Michael Lyon

Out of darkness shines a light

with a hope that won’t say die.
From our best first fast hello
to a day there’ll be a picnic in the park.

You may fall but don’t stay down.
Oh, the places we will go
through this great big rush of life.
Won’t you take your time and smell the roses?

Such a yearning in our hearts
of a sunrise on the way.
We will see you in our dreams,
dreaming of the day we’ll have a picnic in the park.

Do you have a poem, birth story or baby photo to share with us?

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