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Your First Visit

Preparing for your first visit at USC Fertility.

Welcome to USC Fertility!  We are so thrilled that you have made the decision to entrust your fertility care to our dedicated team.

We want to you to feel comfortable from the minute you enter our clinic so we have prepared some answers to frequently asked questions by other new patients, like yourself.

**Please note that as of November 1, 2021, USC Fertility physicians will be practicing out of HRC Fertility Pasadena. Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring to my first visit?

We have several FIRST APPOINTMENT FORMS that we will need to be completed before your consultation begins.  Our receptionists will email these forms to you after you book a consultation. You can also go to the patient center section of our website and download these FIRST APPPOINTMENT FORMS for yourself.  If you forget, or don’t have time, then arrive at least 30 minutes before your appointment to fill them out, as the forms include a medical history questionnaire that your doctor will use at your consultation.

If you have had a fertility evaluation or have undergone fertility treatments previously, please bring these records with you or fax them to our office ahead of your visit.  Recent records from your ob/gyn or primary care physician are also helpful.  We can make copies of your paperwork for our medical record, so don’t feel like you have to make copies before your visit.

Please bring a copy of your driver’s license and insurance card.

How can I find out more information about your fertility center?

Spend some time on our website.  We have great information about the causes of infertility, fertility testing and different treatment options, so you can become familiar with some of the terminology.  Read about the different physicians that work at USC Fertility and their interesting research and amazing accomplishments.  Check out our blog or sign up to follow us on facebook or twitter to hear the latest fertility news.  Lastly, peruse our testimonials (in the patient center or home page) to hear directly from other patients about their experiences at USC Fertility.


Do I need to bring my partner with me?

Whether you bring your partner with you or not for your first visit is entirely up to you.  We always encourage it if you can, but it is not necessary and some patients prefer to be alone for the first visit.  If your partner can’t make it, there will be plenty of opportunities for him or her to interact with your physician at a later time to make sure their questions are answered.  Sometimes when a partner can’t physically be there, we set up a phone conference so they can still participate without having to be there in person.


How long is the first visit?

The amount of time you spend at our office depends on what your specific needs are.  You will typically spend 45-60 minutes with the physician.  Please allow an additional 30 minutes to meet with your nurse and the financial counselors.  If you have limited time, please let us know, and we can work with you to tailor your visit to your needs within your time constraints.


What will I discuss with my physician at my first visit?

At your first visit, your physician will review your past medical and fertility history.  If you have had previous fertility evaluations or treatments, these will be discussed.  They will review all the components necessary to complete your fertility evaluation.  You will also have time to discuss all of the fertility options available to you.  As part of all of these things you will have time to learn about the female reproductive system and why infertility can occur and different treatment options work.  We feel strongly that you should fully understand what is going on in your body so that you can make an informed decision about your next steps.


Will I have one nurse coordinating my care?

At your first visit, you will also spend time with the primary nurse that will be assigned to your care.  Your primary nurse will walk you through all the tests that the physician will recommend for you.  She will help coordinate these tests getting done.  She will be here with you every step of the way throughout your treatment.  Although we all work as a team here at USC Fertility, each physician primarily works with one nurse who will be your point of contact throughout your fertility evaluation and treatment.  It is important that you feel that you have a team that supports you and is dedicated to making this process as smooth and easy as possible.  Your primary physician and nurse are that team.


Will there be a chance to discuss costs of treatment at my first visit?

At your first visit you will also meet with one of our experienced financial counselors.  They will outline all of the costs of the recommended fertility evaluations and treatments.  They can discuss with you how billing is handled at our office.  It is important for you to have a clear understanding of all the costs, so that you can plan ahead.


Do you take insurance or offer financial packages?

We are not contracted with any insurance carriers.  However, our financial counselors will work with you to prepare receipts that you can submit to your insurance for reimbursement if you have fertility coverage.  We do not offer financial packages, however we work with a financial services company, called CAPEXMD  that offers financing for our patients.  Many of our patients receive discounted medications through a variety of programs, and our nurses and financial counselors can discuss these programs with you.  We also participate in programs that provide discounted services to patients undergoing fertility preservation because of a cancer diagnosis.


How long is the wait for a consultation?

We typically can get you in to see one of our physicians in approximately a week, many times in just a few days.  If our schedule is a little busy and you have time constraints, please let us know and we can ask the physicians to accommodate you sooner.


How do I set up a consultation if I am out of town?

Easy!  We see patients from all over the country and world.  We can easily set up a phone or video conference so that you do not need to travel for your initial consultation.


How soon can I start evaluations or treatment?

You can start the fertility evaluation process right away.  If that is completed already, you can start treatment right away.Please understand that fertility care varies from patient to patient, and we believe in designing a fertility treatment plan that suits your individual needs. Therefore the timing may be different for everyone.


I heard there is a test on day 3 that is important, can I get that done before my consultation?

One of the most important tests to evaluate fertility is to do hormone testing (FSH, estradiol) and an ultrasound on day 3 of your period.  These tests are used to evaluate ovarian reserve.  If your consultation is coming soon and you believe your day 3 will arrive before your appointment, you can come in and have your day 3 testing performed before your consultation.


Who will take care of me during my fertility treatments?

Your fertility care will be managed by your physician and your primary nurse.  However, all of our physicians collaborate together to provide the optimal care to patients undergoing treatment.  At each visit during your treatment your progress will be monitored by an ultrasound performed by one of our physicians who is familiar with your fertility story.  You will have time at each visit during your treatment to speak with one of our physicians about your care.  Every day the care of all patients undergoing treatments is reviewed by all of the physicians and nurses together as a group.  This ensures that you are getting the best care possible with all of our fertility team reviewing your treatment


What are your success rates?

Success rates are determined by many factors, including your age and reason for infertility.  After you meet with our fertility team, we will be much better able to assess your likelihood of success with any of the available treatments.


Is there a difference in the expertise of the doctors?

All of our doctors are experienced, board-certified experts in fertility.  You can entrust your fertility care to any of our skilled physicians and know that you are in the best hands to help you achieve your goal of a having a baby.


How do I book a consultation?

To schedule your initial consultation please call our office at 213-975-9990 or fill out an online inquiry on our website.  We hope you contact us soon so that we can begin the journey to help you start a family.