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The IVF Center Where Care Centers on You

Welcome to USC Fertility, the clinical care hub of the Keck School of Medicine at USC in Los Angeles. We expertly resolve female infertility and male infertility, of course, but we are equally committed to providing for your mental well-being with supportive care throughout this arduous journey.

Your patient experience begins well before you step through our IVF center doors. Educational materials on every conceivable fertility topic are available online, and our billing office staff welcomes your calls and questions prior to your first appointment.

Of course, we look forward to addressing your concerns and alleviating your stress during one-on-one office visits. Here in our Los Angeles fertility clinic, you will find an extensive library of printed materials on specific treatments, IVF options and causes of female infertility and male infertility.

Financial Information
Our goal is to help you take advantage of resources that help you better afford the cost of IVF and fertility treatment. Ask us about drug discount programs, fertility financing and maximizing insurance benefits. We’ll help you plan for the financial aspect of fertility treatment so that there are no surprises along the way.

Fertility Treatment Information
The patient care team at our IVF center will compassionately offer assistance with every aspect of your patient experience. Managing the medications for your fertility treatment regimen can seem overwhelming at first, but tutorials, printed instructions and a dedicated clinical care team will help you feel at ease with fertility drug dosages, schedules and comfort techniques.

IVF patients, in particular, will benefit from detailed instructions on fertility medications, patient resources and responsive care throughout the detail-driven fertility treatment cycle.

Patient Information
What is covered for male fertility treatment? What acupuncture clinics in Los Angeles specialize in fertility treatment? If I am traveling to your Los Angeles IVF center from out-of-state or an international destination, what advice and assistance is available? If I am incorporating surrogacy into IVF, will I need a reproductive lawyer?

For more than two decades, our IVF center has helped guide men and women through infertility treatment. We anticipate the questions you will have and the resources you will need, and promise to do our very best to alleviate the stress you feel and equip you for the road ahead.

Is this your first visit to our Los Angeles IVF center? We want to reassure you that hope is a phone call or email away, and our fertility treatment services have helped thousands of couples and individuals realize their dreams for a family. Whether you live nearby in Redondo Beach or overseas as an international fertility patient, we can help. Contact our Los Angeles IVF center to begin the journey to becoming a parent.