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Oral vs. Injectable Fertility Drugs

Our Los Angeles fertility clinic experts explain oral vs. injectable fertility drugs

Our Los Angeles fertility clinic experts explain oral vs. injectable fertility drugs

As you navigate the world of infertility, you may feel overwhelmed by the appointments, testing and medications. The USC Fertility team stands ready to answer questions, explain processes and assist our patients. A common area of confusion is the use of oral vs. injectable fertility drugs, so our Los Angeles fertility clinic team wants to shed light on the different types of fertility medications.

For patients struggling to conceive, fertility medications can provide the added boost needed to create positive results during fertility treatment. Fertility medications are either taken orally or administered via injection. Test results and your specific situation will determine whether fertility medications are necessary and which type your doctor will choose.

The roles of oral vs. injectable fertility drugs

Our Los Angeles fertility clinic doctors often utilize oral fertility medications to induce or regulate ovulation. In contrast, injectable medications are best for IVF cycles. Because fertility drugs contain hormones, patients may experience side effects. Some examples include headaches, moodiness, abdominal bloating and ovarian cysts.

The following medications are the most common for infertility treatment.

  • Clomiphene citrate (Clomid) and letrozole (Femara) are oral medications that stimulate the ovaries and induce ovulation. Your doctor may recommend these fertility drugs in conjunction with timed intercourse or IUI.
  • Gonadotropins, a class of injectable medications, include follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH) to trigger the growth of eggs within the ovaries and luteinizing hormone (LH) to encourage the release of mature eggs.
  • In some cases, human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), which is also injectable, is used to simulate natural LH and facilitate ovulation.

Achieve your parenting dreams with our fertility center experts

At USC Fertility, we are committed to offering patients top-notch infertility treatment. Our team continuously focuses on utilizing the best options available, including the use of fertility medications, so that our patients can achieve successful pregnancies. Contact our Los Angeles fertility clinic to schedule an appointment.

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