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Oncofertility and Breast Cancer Awareness Month

We offer oncofertility options to make the dream of parenthood come true

We offer oncofertility options to make the dream of parenthood come true

During October, the USC Fertility team wants to acknowledge the importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month and assist our patients in having the families they desire. Through oncofertility, which blends the areas of oncology and reproductive medicine, our Los Angeles fertility center experts can offer hope to cancer patients who want to conceive after treatment. We will work with you and your partner to ensure that you can accomplish your family-building goals.

Oncofertility bridges the gap for breast cancer patients

Receiving a breast cancer diagnosis rocks your world. Although the focus is on ridding your body of cancer, our Los Angeles fertility center experts understand that you want to lead a full life after cancer treatment, including starting or expanding your family.

Oncofertility focuses on making sure you understand your fertility preservation options before you begin cancer treatment. Our doctors can partner with your oncologist to assess your case, review your treatment plan and develop the best course of action so that you can protect your reproductive future.

Fertility preservation may include the following options.

For patients where fertility preservation isn’t an option, we can discuss the use of donor eggs or embryos to enable you to achieve your family plan.

Exploring fertility treatment options after breast cancer treatment

After you have completed treatment and are ready to consider pregnancy, our team of fertility experts will help you formulate the best plan for moving forward. Fertility treatment after breast cancer often involves assisted reproductive technology. Using IVF, our doctors will prescribe fertility medications, monitor your cycle, retrieve your eggs, fertilize them with sperm, and then transfer a resulting embryo and freeze the rest.

When you visit our team, we provide the complete medical care you need and the unwavering support you deserve, including use of oncofertility. Our physicians will evaluate your situation and review your options in order to remove any roadblocks to conception. If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer and want to explore fertility treatment, call our Los Angeles fertility center to schedule a consultation.

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