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Now trending: Crowdfunding for IVF or surrogacy

Have you ever given to a great cause even when the outcome wasn’t guaranteed? Helped for the sake of helping?

20273999_sThat’s the premise behind crowdfunding for IVF or family building services such as surrogacy and adoption. Our USC Fertility staff is watching the trending topic, and hoping that it helps raise awareness and funds for our Los Angeles infertility community.

If you have considered crowdfunding for IVF or surrogacy, or have a campaign in motion, please let us know. We applaud the courage it takes to share your story and to ask for help. USC Fertility supports any effort that makes the cost of IVF more affordable.

What is crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding is a response to an online appeal for help. A lot of people that know you (or know of you) chip in a little to make a big difference. After choosing a fundraising site, you will write your story, personalize your page with photos or video clips and then go live with your appeal. Social media networks, like Facebook and Twitter, empower your campaign.

Having a wide network of friends and family is foundational to success in crowdfunding for IVF. Indiegogo suggests that you divide the total amount that you’d like to raise by 100 and you will have an idea of how wide to cast your net.

Websites that specialize in this type of fundraising may charge a small fee, and some collect a small percentage of credit card donations. Some limit the campaigns to artistic ventures or start-up companies and don’t allow fundraising for medical expenses.

Who can help me with crowdfunding for IVF?

USC Fertility has compiled a few sample sites that support crowdfunding for IVF (we are not endorsing these websites, but hope this can save you some time as you get started).


Type in IVF in the search field for each site to gauge the success of these campaigns, and gather ideas for promoting the cause and communicating your progress.

If you are exploring your options for starting a family despite infertility, contact us. Our patient advocates at USC Fertility will help you connect you with drug discount programs and fertility financing companies.

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