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Navigating Your First Fertility Appointment

Learn what you need to know before your first fertility appointment

Learn what you need to know before your first fertility appointment

If you and your partner have tried to conceive without success, you may want to consider meeting with a fertility specialist to explore infertility treatment. Our Los Angeles fertility doctors have the training and expertise to identify and address the causes of infertility. Scheduling your first fertility appointment can help you move one step closer to having a healthy baby.

Tips for navigating your first fertility appointment

As you prepare for the first visit to our office, we want to share these helpful tips to facilitate the best possible experience. The initial appointment will serve as a roadmap for your fertility journey. During this time, you will meet our team, ask questions and get an overview of infertility treatment.

Our Los Angeles fertility doctors have the following tips for your first fertility appointment.

Come prepared. Before the visit, send your medical records to our office to save time and jot down any relevant details about your health and fertility. Your doctor will want to go over your complete medical history, review your medications and discuss prior attempts to conceive.

Bring your partner. While you can attend this appointment alone, having your partner join can enable both of you to feel connected to each other and to this process. It may also help to have another person in the room with you to gather information, provide support and ask relevant questions.

Check your insurance coverage. Talking to your provider before the first appointment will ensure that you understand your coverage details. If your plan doesn’t include coverage for infertility treatment, our finance team can discuss financing options with you.

Ask questions. During this visit, it can feel like you are receiving an avalanche of information. Prepare a list of your top questions beforehand and bring a notebook to take notes while you are here.

Count on the UCS Fertility team for top-notch infertility treatment

Visiting a fertility specialist for the first time can feel overwhelming. As your trusted partners in fertility care, our Los Angeles fertility doctors will work tirelessly to make you feel comfortable and help you have a healthy pregnancy. Contact our clinic for more information or to schedule your first fertility appointment.

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