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Meet Leslie Oldham – Fertility Nurse Practitioner

Leslie Oldham

Meet Leslie Oldham, our experienced fertility nurse practitioner

Leslie Oldham has been a valued member of our Los Angeles fertility center team since November 2015. During that time, she has worked as a fertility nurse practitioner, providing effective treatment and compassionate guidance to our patients.

At USC Fertility, Leslie treats patients who are facing a wide variety of complex infertility diagnoses and she loves her work. “Due to Dr. Paulson’s reputation, we get a lot of difficult cases. Patients who may have experienced failed treatment cycles elsewhere. It’s so rewarding to work with these patients to help them get a positive pregnancy test.”

Leslie Oldham shares her medical background

After a successful career in sales, Leslie Oldham earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing from The Ohio State University. She then moved to California and earned her Master of Science in nursing from the University of California, Irvine. During school, Leslie was a part-time acute care nurse, which gave her valuable hands-on experience.

In November 2015, she accepted a position as a fertility nurse practitioner at our Los Angeles fertility center and she’s been a valued team member ever since.

Her connection to infertility – and her advice for patients

Leslie Oldham became interested in reproductive medicine because several close friends and family members struggled with infertility. “I know infertility can be devastating, so I wanted to help patients realize that they aren’t alone and there is hope.”

Although each patient is different, our nurse practitioner has several pieces of advice that she often shares with the women and men she treats. “It’s easy to get frustrated and discouraged when you’re facing infertility but try to stay positive,” she says. “Persistence and being open to different types of treatment can help you achieve your goal of having a baby.”

If you’re wondering whether you should make an appointment with a fertility doctor, Leslie has some additional advice. “Time is of the essence when it comes to fertility. If you’re questioning whether you need to see a fertility doctor, you should probably schedule a consultation.”

You may still have doubts about whether you need to schedule an appointment. If so, Leslie says to follow the ASRM guidelines. “See a fertility doctor if you’re under 35 and have been trying to conceive for a year or longer. You should make this appointment after six months of trying if you’re 35 or over,” she says.

Contact us to schedule an appointment with our Los Angeles fertility center and learn more about your fertility options. Leslie Oldham and the rest of our team will be happy to help.

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