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How Many Eggs to Freeze?

How Many Eggs to Freeze?

Two big factors to consider in how many eggs to freeze

How Many Eggs to Freeze?For women who want the best shot at having a baby sometime in the future, egg freezing is somewhat like buying an insurance policy for their fertility. The process is similar to IVF, except that instead of being fertilized right away, all eggs retrieved are frozen and saved for later. To be sure you have enough eggs stored to achieve pregnancy when you’re ready, you’ll need to know now how many eggs to freeze.

Our Los Angeles egg freezing center can help you make informed decisions about how many eggs to freeze, based on your family-building goals and reproductive capability.

Deciding how many eggs to freeze

Many women need more than one cycle of egg freezing to maximize their chances of successful pregnancy, but for others, one cycle may be enough. The two main criteria to consider when deciding how many eggs to freeze are:

  • Your current level of fertility
  • Your family-building goals

If you’re younger than 38 and don’t have any fertility problems, you’ll likely be able to freeze between 10 and 20 eggs with each cycle. We expect 75% of those frozen eggs to survive the thaw, and 75% of those that do to fertilize.

The goal at our Los Angeles egg freezing center is to freeze at least 10 eggs per planned pregnancy attempt. So, if you want to have two or more kids, it may take several egg retrievals to feel confident that you have stored enough. If you dream of an only child and have no fertility issues, one cycle may provide all the eggs you need.

Because the number of eggs and their quality naturally decline as women age, older women may need to plan for multiple egg retrieval cycles to ensure that enough eggs are retrieved. Yet, women of any age can have fertility issues that may result in less than ideal numbers of high quality eggs retrieved in a given cycle.

To find out if you’re one of them, your fertility specialist may order a series of fertility tests before you begin the egg freezing process. With these results in mind, your reproductive endocrinologist can carefully calibrate your IVF medications to maximize egg production.

Preserve your fertility

How many eggs to freeze is a decision that should be made in consultation with your fertility specialist, based on the factors that are specific to your health, your fertility and your goals.

To learn more about the egg freezing process, contact us to schedule a consultation at our Los Angeles egg freezing center.

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