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Leslie Oldham Talks Women’s Health and Fertility

Leslie Oldham’s thoughts – Women’s health and fertility are closely intertwined

Leslie Oldham’s thoughts – Women’s health and fertility are closely intertwined

Some people may think of women’s health and fertility as two separate topics. However, Leslie Oldham, the nurse practitioner at our Los Angeles fertility center, knows this is far from the truth. “So many women’s health issues can contribute to infertility, just as many causes of infertility can cause health issues in women. It’s important to address all these issues together.”

When treating patients at USC Fertility, Leslie takes the time to identify all the interrelated conditions and issues that a woman might be facing. She will use this information when thinking about the best course of treatment for each patient.

What sparked her interest in women’s health and fertility?

Leslie earned her Bachelor of Science in nursing from The Ohio State University and her Master of Science in nursing from the University of California, Irvine. She worked part-time as an acute care nurse while she was earning her master’s degree. In November 2015, she started at our Los Angeles fertility center as a nurse practitioner and has been a valued team member ever since.

During her nursing education, Leslie studied family practice, which exposed her to topics ranging from pediatrics to gerontology. She found that women’s health and fertility were the most interesting to her, especially because several of her loved ones struggled with these issues themselves.

Leslie’s approach to treating patients at USC Fertility

Through her education and work experience, Leslie saw the direct link between women’s health and fertility. She explains that many of the conditions that can cause infertility can also cause issues for women’s health that may need treatment. She mentioned polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) as one example.

“PCOS is a common cause of infertility, but it can also cause symptoms that interfere with a woman’s health and self-confidence. When I treat patients with this condition, we discuss their goals before moving forward. For some women, their only goal is to ovulate regularly so that they can conceive. Other women also want treatment for issues like weight gain, acne, unwanted hair growth, anxiety, depression, ovarian cysts and irregular periods,” Leslie says.

No matter what a woman’s diagnosis is, our nurse practitioner will develop a treatment plan that treats all the interrelated symptoms of the condition. “A treatment plan isn’t comprehensive unless it addresses all the components of a woman’s diagnosis. My goal is to help with both women’s health and fertility issues.”

Contact us to schedule an appointment at our Los Angeles fertility center. Leslie and the rest of our team are excited to help you on your fertility journey.

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