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Your Initial Consultation at USC Fertility: What To Expect

For most of us, embarking on the journey to having a child via fertility treatment is a daunting prospect. It’s one thing to talk to friends who have gone through the experience, or to doing research online. It’s quite another to finally take those first huge baby steps, call a clinic, make an appointment, and show up.

Since I greet first-timers day in and day out in my role as USC Fertility’s assistant practice manager, I wanted to blog to let you know how it all goes. Here’s what you can expect upon your first visit to our practice:

Upon arriving at our offices on Wilshire Boulevard in Downtown Los Angeles, you’ll be greeted by our truly friendly front office staff, who will gather your new patient paperwork for the doctor’s review. If you have any general questions at this point—or if you need assistance completing your forms—just let us know. We’ll be happy to help you.

Then, while you sit and try to relax in our cozy—and newly renovated—waiting room, please feel free to make yourself a cup of coffee or tea. We have all sorts of literature on hand, in addition to magazines and the latest issue of our newsletter, USC Fertility Success News.

After having reviewed your chart and any medical records you’ve supplied us, your doctor will personally come to the lobby to greet and welcome you. He or she will then take you to his or her office for the actual consultation, where you and your doctor will further discuss your medical history and any prior fertility treatment you may have received.

Based on your health status and age, your doctor will go over all of the treatment options available to you, along with success rate percentages. Together, you will decide what course of action are you are most comfortable taking.

After your initial consult, you will be introduced to your nurse, who is specifically assigned to your doctor. Your nurse will review your doctor’s plan with you and give you any needed prescriptions and information to take home with you. Your nurse will also let you know the usual procedures for our clinic—everything from our monitoring of hours to our making sure that you have your doctor’s email address (and how best to reach them if you have any follow-up questions).

Your last stop upon this first visit to USC Fertility will be with our financial manager, Christina. Chris will go over pricing, insurance, and financing options, and finally collect payment for the consultation.

With every new patient that comes through our doors there is a hope that we can finally help you achieve your dream family—and that this initial consultation is but the first of many opportunities for all of us to get to know each other.

Remember, we’ve been down this road many hundreds of times. We know the terrain. We want to start you off right, and ensure that your voyage to parenthood is as smooth as it can possibly be.

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