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How many eggs should I freeze?

egg freezing options in Los Angeles

The team at USC Fertility assists women in determining the number of eggs to expect during the egg freezing process.

egg freezing options in Los Angeles Over the last ten years, the process of egg freezing has improved, thanks to newer techniques for flash freezing delicate oocytes, the body’s largest cells comprised mainly of water. The team at USC Fertility strives to help women like you make the most of this medical advancement in their journey to pregnancy. When talking with your fertility specialist about egg freezing, the question of how many eggs to freeze will come up.

Deciding how many eggs to freeze is a complex decision that requires both mental and physical considerations. We will talk about your age and how many children you would like one day. Various factors can play into this decision, and the ideal number of eggs can vary from woman to woman.

When considering egg freezing, a woman’s age can help determine how many eggs a fertility specialist will need to retrieve.

As a woman ages, the viability of her egg cells will decrease. The age of a woman at egg freezing, therefore, is considered a primary factor in the likelihood of conceiving a baby from those frozen eggs.

Your fertility specialist will optimize your chances for success with a carefully monitored ovulation induction cycle. Keep in mind that some patients may only freeze a single egg, and even that brings peace of mind from knowing that every effort was made to preserve fertility. Read Jennifer Frappier’s story here.

  • For women under 37, we aim for around 25
  • For women who come to us after 37, we will try to freeze as many eggs as possible.

The desired number of eggs may affect how many egg freezing cycles you pursue.

While a woman can have up to 45 eggs each super ovulation cycle, the typical number is about five to 12. Please visit our Cost of Egg Freezing page. We offer discounts for multiple egg freezing cycles.

The number of eggs that a woman produces each cycle may determine whether one or multiple freezing cycles are needed. For example, our fertility specialists may recommend that a 32-year-old woman freeze 30 eggs. If she creates 13 eggs in her first cycle, her fertility specialist may suggest she undergo additional cycles.

Pursuing egg freezing is an important yet complex decision to make. USC Fertility is here to assist you in this process. If you are unsure of the number of eggs to freeze or whether egg freezing is a viable option for you, contact us to get in touch with a fertility specialist.


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