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Fertility Diagnostic Testing – How Do I Know When I Should Have a Baby?

Fertility Testing Questions

Do I need to freeze my eggs? 

Are my ovaries getting old? 

Is there a way to check my ovaries to see how they are doing?

13215062_sThese are just a few of the questions that I get from young women all the time.  I think that many women might not be ready to freeze their eggs, but are very interested in knowing how well their ovaries are functioning.  Armed with that knowledge, they can better assess when and if egg freezing is right for them.

At USC Fertility we started thinking about how we could be useful to women curious about their fertility potential.  How can we help them to learn about how age is impacting their eggs, without committing them to a full consultation with a doctor?  We came up with a great solution, Fertility Diagnostic Testing.

By offering a few tests at a low cost, we could provide women with insights that could impact their thoughts and plans for the future regarding their future fertility.  We even realized we could offer similar services to young men.

Knowledge is Power

Fertility Diagnostic Testing can be utilized by women and men not currently in relationships, with no interest in getting pregnant in the near term, but just are curious about their fertility potential.  Or it could be helpful for couples, considering when the right time is for that first baby.

We also wanted a way for people who have had the testing done to have easy and quick access to physicians, should they decide they wanted to learn more or to formulate a plan for their future fertility.

So we set up a plan that ensures that you can see a doctor for consultation quickly and that the cost of the diagnostic testing would be applied to the consultation fee.

We are really excited about this new program as we hope it will help a lot of people who just want to know more.

We made it really easy for you.  So go ahead.  Call us.  Come in.  Get tested.

To learn more, please read about the details of our Fertility Diagnostic Testing Program.



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