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Get Answers with Fertility Testing

Make fertility testing a first step to pregnancy then consult with your Los Angeles fertility doctor

fertility testing in Los Angeles

Your Los Angeles fertility doctor urges you to consider fertility testing and a consultation as you plan for a pregnancy. Fertility testing will help you conquer the unknown. Your Los Angeles fertility doctor at USC Fertility will give you a plan and confidence.

Visit your Los Angeles fertility doctor now

Even if you don’t envision having a baby soon, fertility testing provides useful information for decision-making. If you find, in your mid-20s, that your odds of having a baby are abnormally low, you can try to conceive during peak fertility and consider treatments available from your Los Angeles fertility doctor. Egg freezing, for example, can circumvent the biological clock.

Because infertility risk increases with age, early fertility testing is recommended. Results can change, so men and women should get fertility testing annually. Fertility testing is especially advised if you and your partner didn’t use birth control for six months or more without a pregnancy or if there’s a physical problem. In the following cases, consider visiting your Los Angeles fertility doctor.

  • Ejaculation disorders
  • Ovulatory disorders
  • Irregular menstrual cycles
  • Family history of premature menopause

Start the process with your fertility doctor

Specialists such as obstetricians and gynecologists, reproductive endocrinologists or urologists can perform the physical exam, medical history and blood tests that set up fertility testing. Some additional tests or procedures may require fertility surgery performed by an experienced Los Angeles fertility doctor.

Find comfort in knowledge

Fertility testing will reveal your probability of infertility. What you learn from testing and your Los Angeles fertility doctor may lower your anxiety. A 2012 study found that almost 20% of young women believe they’re infertile, but the CDC estimates only 6% of women ages 15 through 44 are infertile.

Get the help you need

Your Los Angeles fertility doctor will detail the fertility testing process, answer questions and ensure you’re prepared. Fertility testing doesn’t always reveal a cause of infertility, but yields information that facilitates planning. If tests show normal or better fertility, you’ll gain peace of mind. Otherwise, you’ll know it’s likely time to explore the options when you contact a Los Angeles fertility doctor.

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