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Fertility Preservation

Fertility preservation can protect your ability to have a baby in the future

The Fertility Preservation Program at USC Fertility offers the hope of a future family to cancer patients who are preparing to undergo treatments like chemotherapy and radiation. Because these treatments and others can potentially compromise one’s fertility, it is important to understand the options for future family building. The experienced and compassionate team at our Los Angeles fertility clinic can help you access, understand and finance the available options for protecting your fertility.

Our mission is to provide advanced fertility treatment

No one should have to sacrifice their dream of parenthood. As an academic fertility center affiliated with both a large university and a comprehensive cancer institution, our Los Angeles fertility clinic is in the ideal position to help our patients achieve their family-building goals.

We do this by raising awareness of the current medical options for reproduction and parenthood among patients diagnosed with cancer. At the same time, our team strives to make fertility preservation options such as egg, embryo, and sperm cryopreservation more accessible to patients before beginning cancer treatment. Not only that, but we also provide comprehensive fertility preservation services to suit each patient’s needs.

The reasons to explore fertility preservation

In the past, patients who received a cancer diagnosis, as well as those with chronic medical conditions or autoimmune diseases, had limited choices for protecting their fertility. However, modern fertility-preserving options now empower patients to freeze eggs, sperm and embryos for future use.

Additionally, options like egg and embryo freezing allow women to delay starting a family to focus on their education, career and other personal goals.

The latest advances allow our patients to explore new treatment options

Modern fertility advances have given patients more options to preserve their fertility. At one time, freezing embryos was the best way to safeguard future family plans. However, thanks to a fast freezing process called vitrification, egg freezing can lead to good success rates, giving patients more choices with their fertility planning. Ovarian tissue cryopreservation also continues to show promise as another avenue for fertility preservation.

Trust our Los Angeles fertility clinic experts to support your family goals

By preserving fertility, couples and individuals can protect their ability to start a family when they see fit. If you would like to explore the options for protecting your fertility, our Los Angeles fertility clinic would love to discuss the process with you. Contact our office for more information or to schedule an appointment.