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From the Eye of the Octuplet Media Storm

From day one, we doctors have been called upon by the media to answer questions ranging from “How did this happen?” to “Why would anyone let this happen?”

This is flattering to us, of course, and we appreciate the implied endorsements of what appears to be the world-wide media, but it does put us into the uncomfortable position of being asked to condemn all the various players and decisions in the unfolding drama.

Throughout the process, we have consistently pointed out that the facts are still unclear and that virtually all of the information is still at the level of rumor. The only thing we do seem to know is that 8 babies were born. But what type of fertility treatment was involved is still speculative. And we do not know if it took place in the US, and what other circumstances might have been involved.

We know, from firsthand experience, that there are as many compelling stories as there are infertile couples. And the last thing that anyone of us wants is for the media frenzy to lead to legislation which would somehow abridge reproductive options, or access to fertility care.

In the midst of outrage, and all of the speculation, we are actually pleased that the fertility clinic has not come forward! That is as it should be, because fertility care is a private matter, and we should hear about the details only when the patient decides that the time is right.

We remain as curious as all of you, and eagerly await word.

In the meantime, we invite you to see, hear and read all of our recent media hits below:

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