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Dr Paulson interviewed by CureTalks

Dr Paulson addresses the question: When it comes to fertility, how old is too old?

MGAt what age does fertility end? USC Los Angeles fertility center expert Dr. Richard Paulson provides an answer.

Dr Paulson is recognized for his research targeting reproductive aging with a special emphasis on human embryo implantation and fertility preservation. Like many experts in his field, Dr Paulson faces a common question from patients: When it comes to fertility, how old is too old?

We all know that biological clocks are real (for both men and women) and that by the time women reach their late forties, natural pregnancies are rare. And though a growing number of interventions are available to help older women conceive, these interventions become less effective with time.

Dr Paulson recently appeared as a guest on CureTalks

So when does the critical turning point occur?

“We need to divide the answer into two groups,” says Dr Paulson, “because the woman’s contribution to fertility is two-fold; one is in the provision of the egg and the second one is in carrying the pregnancy.”

The chances for healthy egg provision remain steady until about age 35, at which point they begin to decline until 45. By 45, the chances for natural conception – barring a few anecdotal cases – have effectively reached zero.

But the ability of the uterus to carry a pregnancy can continue after egg provision has ended, which is why donor egg treatments can sometimes allow women to navigate a healthy pregnancy even into their late 40s.

Donor egg IVF helps prolong a woman’s reproductive timeline

If you’re concerned about your chances for conceiving at any age, get the facts and don’t lose hope. Here at our Los Angeles fertility center, Dr Paulson and our team of researchers, support staff and clinical experts are working every day to remove obstacles to conception and help our patients understand their options.

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You can listen to the complete talk here: CureTalks: How Old is too Old for Fertility).

In addition to his vital role here at our Los Angles fertility center, Dr. Richard J. Paul-son serves as the Director of the Fertility Program at the Keck School of Medicine, the President of the American Society of Reproductive Medicine, and an Associate Editor of Fertility and Sterility.

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