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Third Party Reproduction Counseling

Receive the benefits of third party reproduction counseling

Various emotional challenges can arise when hopeful parents decide to utilize an egg or sperm donor, or a gestational surrogate, which is why we provide third party reproduction counseling at our Los Angeles fertility center. This counseling allows hopeful parents to process their emotions so that they can take the next steps towards taking home a healthy baby with enhanced clarity and peace.

How counseling can help

Deciding to move forward with third party reproduction is a big decision that can feel very overwhelming. But, with high-quality third party reproduction counseling at our Los Angeles fertility center, doubts and fears can be replaced with a sense of hope and excitement. Here are some of the common concerns patients may have when making the decision to move forward with third party reproduction.

  • Grieving for past fertility expectations. Many hopeful parents begin their family-building journey with the expectation that they will be able to conceive using their own eggs or sperm. Many hopeful women have also always dreamed of carrying and delivering their child. When this isn’t a viable option, the grief that comes along with releasing those expectations can be intense. A well-trained counselor can support hopeful parents in exploring that grief in a healthy manner, so it can eventually subside.
  • Deciding whether to tell others. A common concern that hopeful parents express during third party reproduction counseling is whether they will share this information with friends and family. Counseling is a safe space for hopeful parents to discuss this decision with a supportive and objective specialist, and create a plan for how they will, or will not, convey this news to others.
  • Determining what they will tell their future child. Although hopeful parents won’t be discussing the nature of their child’s conception and gestation with them for quite a while, it can offer immense relief to come up with a plan for what, how and when they will tell their child. Third party reproduction counseling is an excellent space for the creation of this plan.

Because third party reproduction requires the commitment of many individuals, egg donors, sperm donors and gestational surrogates require a psychological evaluation and counseling to ensure they are comfortable with all aspects of the incredible gift they are providing.

Scheduling third party reproduction counseling

If you’ve already begun the process of third party reproduction, or are just exploring your options, we encourage you to seek third party reproduction counseling at our Los Angeles fertility center. Our compassionate counselors can provide invaluable support during this process and help to ease any emotional discomfort you may be experiencing. With the right support, your journey through third party reproduction can be filled with joy and positivity.

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