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Why Consider an Egg Donor?

Our Los Angeles Fertility Specialists Explain the Benefits of Egg Donation

Our Los Angeles Fertility Specialists Explain the Benefits of Egg DonationAdvances in reproductive technology have opened new windows for women who have been unable to conceive because of poor egg quality or absence of eggs. These techniques also offer options for same-sex couples who are trying to have a baby. Our Los Angeles IVF center at the renowned USC Keck School of Medicine was one of the pioneers in egg donation and among the first to establish an egg donation program.

Conditions Warranting Egg Donation

A number of factors contribute to why prospective parents would want to consider using an egg donor.

  • As a woman ages, her available supply and quality of eggs diminishes.
  • The prospective mother may not have ever had a suitable ovarian reserve.
  • The mother has the potential to pass on a genetic disease.
  • A woman has reached menopause, or experienced atypical early menopause, and wants to get pregnant.
  • The couple has undergone a number of unsuccessful IVF cycles or pregnancy failures using the woman’s own eggs.

Our specialists at USC Fertility understand the many reasons why couples yearn to get pregnant, and are highly trained in egg donation services. They can guide patients through the process in a caring, confident manner that fully outlines what to expect.

Success of Using an Egg Donor

Infertility treatment using an egg donor offers one of the highest success rates of all fertility procedures. In most cases, the egg donor and recipient remain anonymous to each other. Our Los Angeles fertility center works closely with and can recommend local egg donation agencies that perform a comprehensive initial screening of donors. Our IVF center also conducts its own secondary screening. These screenings document everything from the donor’s genetic makeup to fertility potential, and even psychological state.

In addition, our skilled fertility specialists evaluate the intended mother’s uterine health to help ensure the most optimal conditions possible to achieve pregnancy success.

LGBT Options

Egg donation provides one way for same-sex couples to start a family. Our Los Angeles IVF center can assist them with treatment using donor eggs, donor sperm and surrogacy to help them on their way.

Using an Egg Donor Is Now Common

Statistics show that more and more couples are using egg donation, especially women in their 40s. Egg donation provides new hope for couples and individuals who have some challenges to overcome to make their dreams of a family possible. Our Los Angeles fertility clinic stands ready to help.

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