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Anonymous Egg Donation Options in our Los Angeles Fertility Center

Egg donors can be anonymous or a known “directed egg donor”. The majority of egg donation is anonymous with the intended parents choosing their egg donor after consulting several egg donor agencies. In order to choose your egg donor you will be provided with information about the egg donors including; age, ethnicity, medical history, family history, childhood or recent photographs, education, etc. Egg donors like sperm donors, will have to go through a rigorous screening process before they are allowed to donate that includes genetic screening, psychological screening, blood tests and a fertility evaluation.

By utilizing an egg donor agency the process is streamlined in that the initial screening of the donors is done by the agencies, followed by a secondary screening at our office. The entire donor cycle is coordinated between the agency and our office so your experience can be as relaxing and stress free as possible.

A legal contract will need to be drafted between yourself and the donor. The donor egg agency will assist you in finding the appropriate lawyer so that all of your legal questions and concerns are adequately addressed and the proper documents are drafted. The legal contract will address such issues as the legal responsibilities of the donor and the recipients, as well as the legal rights of the child resulting from the donation. Though laws regarding egg donation vary somewhat from state to state, what is consistent is that children born as a result of egg donation legally belong to the couple or individual receiving the donated eggs. Therefore, the egg donor has absolutely no parental rights to the children. Your lawyers will give you a more detailed explanation of legal issues pertaining to egg donation.

During the entire treatment cycle and donation process the egg donor’s full name is kept confidential in order to ensure privacy and anonymity. You will not meet your egg donor unless both parties wish to either talk to each other or meet each other. This would be arranged through your egg donor agency.

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