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Consulting with an Infertility Doctor about Donor Options

Consulting with an Infertility Doctor about Donor Options - Female Infertility - LGBT Donor OptionsWhen you are considering donor sperm or egg donor options, an experienced and compassionate infertility doctor can help you arrive at a decision that is good for you. Third-party reproduction, or donor services, is not right for everyone, but an infertility doctor can certainly help you weigh the pros and cons of pursuing this option.

For anyone with a long history of IVF failure or negative pregnancy tests, donor services can seem like a light at the end of a very long tunnel toward parenthood. Your fertility doctor will explain why — in very specific cases of male infertility or female infertility — donor services can offer you the very best chance for getting pregnant.

Our dedicated physician team and clinical care staff provide educational resources, care and support throughout the donor process. If you feel ready to take the next step, we welcome your call to our Los Angeles fertility center.

Donor Services for Female Infertility

Not being able to have a child, the all-consuming desire to get pregnant, can feel devastating. Partnering with an infertility doctor can finally lead you to resolution. Women visit our Los Angeles fertility clinic, affiliated with one of the most recognized and respected academic institutions in the world, when they are experiencing significant barriers to conception.

Utilizing “fresh” retrieved oocytes from a younger, fully screened donor, your fertility doctor directs an IVF cycle that syncs your cycle with that of the egg donor’s. The donor egg is inseminated with your partner’s sperm (or donor sperm) to create an embryo. We then transfer the embryo to the uterus of the intended mother. USC Fertility also utilizes frozen donor eggs with IVF, and has led extensive research in this area.

The most common scenarios that call for donor egg services:

  • Advanced maternal age
  • Premature menopause
  • Repeated IVF failures
  • Absence of ovaries
  • Previous surgeries of the ovary
  • Effects from cancer/chemotherapy and radiation

You are not alone in your desire to become a mother. More than 12 percent of all IVF cycles in this country involve donor eggs, a revolutionary advanced reproductive technology.

LGBT Donor Options

A man or woman can be perfectly fertile and still need help with starting a family. Seeing an infertility doctor takes on new meaning when you are part of a same-sex couple. LGBT donor options pave the way to having a biological connection to your child, and USC Fertility is proud to offer cutting-edge expertise that leads to Hollywood endings.

Your experience with donor services may involve one or more of the following fertility treatments:

  • Artificial insemination with donor sperm
  • In vitro fertilization with donor eggs
  • Gestational surrogacy

Los Angeles families that you see strolling through your parks, shops and schools may have roots in the USC Fertility LGBT donor services program. From Los Angeles, Hollywood and all across Southern California, men and women have partnered with our fertility doctors for more than 30 years to make their dreams come true. Contact us here to learn how close you are to the baby you desire.