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Medical History and Physical for Infertility

Understanding the importance of a medical history and physical for infertility treatment

As trusted fertility specialists, our Los Angeles fertility center experts help our patients build families. When couples and individuals visit USC Fertility, our physicians will complete a full fertility evaluation to identify any roadblocks to pregnancy. A key component in this process is a medical history and physical for infertility. This detailed information will provide critical insight for our doctors so that they can develop the most effective treatment plan to enable you to create or grow your family.

A brief overview of infertility basics

When couples have difficulty getting pregnant, finding the cause of fertility issues provides our doctors with a starting point for treatment. In about one-third of cases, female infertility creates problems with conception. For another one-third, male factor infertility makes achieving pregnancy difficult. The final one-third of situations are attributed to unexplained infertility or a combination of issues. A medical history and physical for infertility offer the first clues in determining the underlying problems.

What does a medical history and physical for infertility involve?

Your initial evaluation will include a complete medical history and a physical exam to assess the condition of the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. During the exam at our Los Angeles fertility center, we will ask questions related to the following areas.

  • Your menstrual cycles and any irregularities
  • Occurrences of abnormal bleeding or discharge from the vagina
  • Any pelvic pain
  • Disorders that can affect reproduction, such as thyroid disease

To get a clear picture of the situation, your doctor will also want details from you and your partner about the following factors.

  • Medications
  • Known illnesses
  • Family history of birth defects or congenital conditions
  • Sexual history, including any STDs or prior infections
  • Any past pregnancies
  • Lifestyle factors like tobacco, alcohol and drug use
  • Environmental risk factors

Why is this evaluation so important for treatment?

By gathering the information from a medical history and physical for infertility, your doctor can utilize these facts to shed light on potential infertility problems. This information can offer your physician vital details about why you haven’t had success conceiving. Armed with this knowledge, your doctor can request more specific infertility testing to pinpoint the potential issues and then recommend the appropriate treatment.

When you are struggling to conceive, you may feel discouraged. Let our Los Angeles fertility center experts perform a fertility evaluation. Your doctor will then review your treatment options and create a detailed plan so that you can have the baby you desire. Contact our office to schedule a consultation appointment.