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My Day at USC Fertility

As practice manager, my duties run all over the map—from catching up on end-of-year financial planning to working on an ongoing basis with our network of referring OB/GYNs to ordering supplies and everything in between. I’m usually one of the first ones here, arriving by around seven a.m. But my work day has started long before.

I’m a commuting mom of 2 (ages 4 and 7) who enjoys riding the bus rather than driving 50 miles a day roundtrip. I check emails on my Blackberry on my way in—and start dealing with pressing matters even before I get into the office.

Once I get here, I change out of my sneakers into my work shoes and make my first cup of coffee—if I haven’t stopped by the Starbucks on the corner downstairs first, that is. Then I’ll get back on email and clear my in-box of any issues I haven’t been able to address on the bus.

Once patients start arriving, I spend time going with the flow. I like to see what’s going on, help nurses with clerical tasks, chat with the front desk staff, see what the doctors have planned for that day.

What I love about my job is that it’s never boring. For instance, apart from the usual “keeping everyone happy and everything running smoothly,” I’m currently overseeing construction to beautify the office. I’m in charge of ensuring that the reconstruction disrupts our patients as little as possible. And yes, dealing with contractors at work is just as stressful as when I remodeled my own house! Here are a few pictures of the work in progress:

Our conference room, more chaotic than usual!


Can you recognize the front desk?


Imagine trying to walk through the hall now!


The nurse’s office… without the nurses (or carpet).

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