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USC Trains Top Fertility Doctors

Preparing the best and brightest – USC Fertility teaches up-and-coming fertility doctors

As one of the country’s premiere learning institutions, the Keck School of Medicine of USC offers advanced training for physicians looking to pursue careers as fertility doctors. The Los Angeles fertility training center offers education in all aspects of reproductive endocrinology and infertility.

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The Importance of Fertility Testing

Making the grade – Exploring the importance of fertility testing

1 in 8 couples will have trouble conceiving. At USC Fertility, our physicians stress the importance of fertility testing. It can provide critical details that may affect your ability to build or expand your family. Our Los Angeles fertility center offers comprehensive diagnostic screenings designed to identify common causes of infertility.

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Preconception Genetic Testing

Take a proactive approach to your future with preconception genetic testing

For couples and individuals trying to grow their family, a healthy baby is the main goal. The team at USC Fertility wants our patients to have everything they need to make informed decisions about family planning. Before our patients conceive, the physicians at our Los Angeles fertility center often suggest preconception genetic testing.

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PGS after Miscarriage

After Miscarriage, You Want to Know: What Went Wrong?

Your closet contains a row of unworn maternity clothes, and you walk by the empty nursery decorated for the baby you never got to hold. How could it be that the pregnancy you’ve been preparing for is suddenly not a reality?

Our Los Angeles fertility center team is highly experienced in helping intended parents deal with life after miscarriage.

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Male Factor Infertility Success Story

One couple’s journey through female and male factor infertility

When Allison P. and her husband Albert decided to start a family about three years ago, they couldn’t understand why they weren’t getting pregnant. Seeking answers, Albert was diagnosed with unexplained male factor infertility, and the couple decided it was time to get help from an IVF specialist in Los Angeles.

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Safe Embryo Storage at USC

We at USC Fertility were very saddened to hear of the cryotank malfunction at University Hospitals Fertility Center in Cleveland, OH.

Our hearts go out to each person impacted by this tragic event. We are heartened by the reality that this is an extremely rare event, and want to reassure our patients why an event like this would be extremely unlikely to happen at USC Fertility.

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USC Fertility

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