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PGS after Miscarriage

After Miscarriage, You Want to Know: What Went Wrong?

Your closet contains a row of unworn maternity clothes, and you walk by the empty nursery decorated for the baby you never got to hold. How could it be that the pregnancy you’ve been preparing for is suddenly not a reality?

Our Los Angeles fertility center team is highly experienced in helping intended parents deal with life after miscarriage.

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PGS Preimplantation Genetic Screening recurrent miscarriages USC Fertility

When to Test for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

After a recurrent pregnancy loss, should you pursue diagnostic testing for RPL?

Pregnancy loss can be an emotionally complex experience, and here at our Los Angeles fertility center, we help couples navigate the difficult aftermath of miscarriage. While they come to terms with the loss, women have practical decisions to make. The steps they take right after a miscarriage may affect the outcome of future attempts to conceive.

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fertility testing recurrent miscarriages recurrent pregnancy loss USC Fertility

RPL and Miscarriage

Our Los Angeles Fertility Specialists Dispel RPL and Miscarriage Myths

RPL and miscarriages can be isolating experiences, and patients often find themselves surrounded by misinformation. Get the facts and contact USC Fertility for the support you need as you go through the recovery process.

Recurrent pregnancy loss, RPL, can cause a cascade of emotions,

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recurrent miscarriages recurrent pregnancy loss USC Fertility

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