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Finding the Right Fertility Specialist

Factors for finding the right fertility specialist

Choosing a doctor to help you have a baby is a big decision. When you need fertility diagnosis testing and treatment, you want an expert who is just as committed to growing your family as you are. If you live in Southern California, you’ll probably start by looking for a fertility specialist in LA,

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USC Fertility Fellow Presents at ASRM

Presenting important oncofertility research at ASRM

USC Fertility is home to some of the nation’s leading experts in fertility preservation. Jacqueline Ho, M.D., a third-year fellow at our Los Angeles fertility center, has a strong clinical interest in fertility preservation for men and women who have been diagnosed with cancer. Dr. Ho will present research about family-building in cancer patients during an oral presentation on Tuesday,

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When to Test for Recurrent Pregnancy Loss

After a recurrent pregnancy loss, should you pursue diagnostic testing for RPL?

Pregnancy loss can be an emotionally complex experience, and here at our Los Angeles fertility center, we help couples navigate the difficult aftermath of miscarriage. While they come to terms with the loss, women have practical decisions to make. The steps they take right after a miscarriage may affect the outcome of future attempts to conceive.

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Get Answers with Fertility Testing

Make fertility testing a first step to pregnancy then consult with your Los Angeles fertility doctor

Your Los Angeles fertility doctor urges you to consider fertility testing and a consultation as you plan for a pregnancy. Fertility testing will help you conquer the unknown. Your Los Angeles fertility doctor at USC Fertility will give you a plan and confidence.

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