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How many eggs should I freeze?

The team at USC Fertility assists women in determining the number of eggs to expect during the egg freezing process.

Over the last ten years, the process of egg freezing has improved, thanks to newer techniques for flash freezing delicate oocytes, the body’s largest cells comprised mainly of water. The team at USC Fertility strives to help women like you make the most of this medical advancement in their journey to pregnancy.

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Dr. Karine Chung Featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal

Reproductive Center Puts Eggs in Events Basket

About two dozen women settled into their seats at a long table on Via Alloro’s leafy patio a couple of weeks ago as waiters poured their choice of red or chilled white wine. The menu featured a grilled New Zealand salmon fillet and a warm chocolate tart – topped off with a discussion about how fertility starts to decline when women hit their late 20s.

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Emily kicked cancer’s butt, and now it’s time to have a baby!

When I first joined USC Fertility in 2005, I set out to build a program that would provide discounted, expedited, and compassionate fertility care to women facing the diagnosis of cancer.

Now, 10 years later, the Fertility Preservation Program of USC has helped hundreds of women to preserve their fertility before cancer treatment and to pursue their dreams of having children after cancer treatment.

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The Future of Fertility

From Womb Transplant to Ovarian Tissue and Embryo Freezing

Fertility doctors don’t give standing ovations very often. But when a team of Swedish doctors announced at a recent conference the first-ever birth of a baby to a woman who had a womb transplant, it nearly blew the doors off the room.

“I haven’t seen this kind of reaction to a report in all the years that I’ve been in this field,” says Karine Chung,

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Celebrities freeze eggs for the future!

Sophie B. Hawkins pregnant at 50 using embryos she froze at age 31.

Yahoo! Parenting published a story this week about celebrity singer Sophie B. Hawkins, who recently disclosed that she is pregnant with her second child at the age of 50, and that she became pregnant using embryos she froze at age 31.

This is a particularly poignant story because it highlights one celebrity’s awareness of the reality of the biological clock,

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