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Why Women Become Egg Donors

Unlocking the mysteries of why women become egg donors

Over the years, advances in fertility treatments have made it possible for the USC Fertility team to help patients fulfill their parenthood dreams. Treatment options can include fertility medications, intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF) and third party reproduction, which may involve donor eggs. When you begin considering an egg donor,

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Donor Eggs USC Fertility

Finding the Right Fertility Specialist

Factors for finding the right fertility specialist

Choosing a doctor to help you have a baby is a big decision. When you need fertility diagnosis testing and treatment, you want an expert who is just as committed to growing your family as you are. If you live in Southern California, you’ll probably start by looking for a fertility specialist in LA,

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Considering an Egg Donor?

Tips on Choosing the Right Egg Donor

You’ve made the decision to use an egg donor to help you achieve a successful pregnancy. You’ve already possibly been through failed procedures using your own eggs, or maybe have a low supply of eggs. Or you might be a member of a same-sex couple ready to start a new family using donor eggs and sperm,

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What are options when your own eggs aren’t working?

Consider donor egg IVF

By Dr. Kristin Bendikson

The amazing thing about the female body is that although egg quality declines with age, the ability of the uterus to carry a pregnancy does not. A woman can carry a pregnancy well into her late 40s without any issue.
Over the age of 50 there does seem to be a rise in complications during pregnancy,

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Donor Eggs USC Fertility

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