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Are There Fertility Foods?

Do fertility foods exist? Our doctors weigh in on nutrition and fertility

For women trying to get pregnant without success, every area of daily life can seem upended by infertility. At USC Fertility, we strive to provide current information to assist our patients in making well-informed decisions as they travel the path to parenthood. Our Los Angeles fertility doctors can offer insight into what factors can affect your ability to conceive,

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Oral vs. Injectable Fertility Drugs

Our Los Angeles fertility clinic experts explain oral vs. injectable fertility drugs

As you navigate the world of infertility, you may feel overwhelmed by the appointments, testing and medications. The USC Fertility team stands ready to answer questions, explain processes and assist our patients. A common area of confusion is the use of oral vs.

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Navigating Your First Fertility Appointment

Learn what you need to know before your first fertility appointment

If you and your partner have tried to conceive without success, you may want to consider meeting with a fertility specialist to explore infertility treatment. Our Los Angeles fertility doctors have the training and expertise to identify and address the causes of infertility. Scheduling your first fertility appointment can help you move one step closer to having a healthy baby.

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What Happens in the IVF Lab?

Explore the inner workings of our IVF lab

For the couples and individuals trying to create families, fertility treatment often provides the solution they need to make their dreams come true. Our Los Angeles fertility clinic provides compassionate care, advanced fertility treatment and a state-of-the-art IVF lab. Part of our job is to take excellent care of the eggs,

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