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For more than almost 30 years, USC Fertility doctors have contributed to fertility treatment research and scientific breakthroughs that have changed lives for thousands of new parents. Our fertility clinic provides access to world-class physicians — men and women molding the next generation of fertility doctors and leading academic research that shapes how the world practices reproductive medicine.

We constantly push ourselves to perfect female and male fertility treatment, never settling for second-best pregnancy success rates or giving up on the toughest cases of failed IVF cycles. At the prestigious USC-Keck School of Medicine, some of the fertility advances generated within our fertility center include:

  • Expanding fertility treatment options for IVF, in vitro fertilization, including ongoing research on natural cycle IVF
  • Making a name for ourselves as one of the first practices in California to pioneer and offer fertility preservation
  • Becoming one of the few fertility clinics with a proven track record with egg freezing
  • Leading research that extends fertility for women of advanced maternal age and provides treatment options for women diagnosed with diminished ovarian reserve

Our fertility doctors personalize the patient experience, transforming clinical visits with an atmosphere of warmth and compassion. We are devoted to furthering our knowledge of the science of reproductive medicine, but equally passionate about knowing how we can best support our patients.

Meet Our USC Fertility Doctors

When selecting a fertility doctor, you will consider qualifications and success rates. Because infertility is uniquely taxing, both emotionally and physically, you likely hope to find a physician who exhibits kindness and compassion. The USC Fertility team of fertility doctors commits to employing leading-edge science to treat infertility; however, we never disregard the human side that drew us to pursue reproductive endocrinology. Your successful outcome and overall well-being matter to us.

Each of our Los Angeles fertility doctors lives out a commitment to helping you reach your goal of becoming a parent. Our educational and professional backgrounds, extensive experience and commitment to research will help you move closer to that goal.

We are proud of our extensive awards, accreditations and recognition for achievements in specialized areas such as age and infertility and egg freezing.

For more than 30 years, USC Fertility has served as the professional and academic springboard for generations of fertility doctors, and our treatments and research contributions have helped transform lives for couples and individuals struggling with both female infertility and male infertility.

Around the globe, and right here in Los Angeles, USC Fertility has earned a reputation as a leader and pioneer in male infertility and female infertility. If you suspect infertility, or have a history of failed IVF cycles, contact us for a consultation. Our caring and experienced reproductive endocrinologists offer both basic and advanced fertility treatment options.

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