Dr. Karine Chung Featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal

Dr. Karine Chung Featured in the Los Angeles Business Journal

by | August 12th, 2015

Reproductive Center Puts Eggs in Events Basket

Los Angeles Business JournalAbout two dozen women settled into their seats at a long table on Via Alloro’s leafy patio a couple of weeks ago as waiters poured their choice of red or chilled white wine. The menu featured a grilled New Zealand salmon fillet and a warm chocolate tart – topped off with a discussion about how fertility starts to decline when women hit their late 20s. This wasn’t your average weeknight dinner in Beverly Hills.

Dr. Karine Chung from USC Fertility is quoted:

“Most women reach the end of their fertile window around 45,” said Dr. Karine Chung, director of USC’s fertility preservation and egg-freezing program. It’s a process that begins to hasten at around 35. Harvesting and freezing eggs allows women a chance to go back in time and use younger eggs to increase their changes of fertility. The process involves taking hormone shots for a couple of weeks to boost the number of mature eggs a woman will produce during her menstrual cycle. Doctors then extract those eggs vaginally with a small needle,keeping them in a deep freeze until she’s ready to get pregnant.

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By MARNI USHEROFF Staff Reporter

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