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At USC Fertility, we provide medical services for women and men from all walks of life. We welcome each patient into the USC Fertility family and pride ourselves on the personalized care we give to each and every one.



You have blessed me wiht the most amazing gift. A Beautiful healthy baby girl. I will forever be grateful to you and your staff for making this dream come true. As a 40-year-old single mother with some medical issues, I felt respected and valued as a patient from the moment I had my first consultation with you. You educated me on the reproductive and fertility process in a way I had never understood before. You were always honest and open about the possible success or failure of my journey. You never gave me a false promist. However you did always believe in my success and supported by journey from beginning to end in a positive way. The process of achieving pregnancy can be a physical, emotional and financial burden. Your staff supported me through every step. The front office to the nurses and doctors caring for me were outstanding. So caring and supportive. They also provided a positive attitude for me when times were tough and I doubted my own success. Your staff believed in me the entire time. Your facility is special because your lab is onsite. You allowed me to participate in the transfer process. You made what could have been a stressful experience into a calming, reassuring one. The lab provided pictures of the embryos transferred so I could be involved from the very beginning moments. I was blessed wiht a beautiful baby girl. You made this happen for me. I can recommend Dr. Chung and USC Fertility without reservation to anyoen seeking fertility assistance. Thank you so very much. My daughter and I will always be grateful to you and your staff.

Ava's Mom

A note from Lucinda Phillips and Angel Almeida:



Dr. Bendikson,

I wish we had the words to express how we feel about USC, the staff and you. The whole experience was incredible! You came at a very critical time for us and made us feel at ease and cared for... like we were not the first people on the block to come and see you. Peyton is such an amazing child! You are forever a part of our family.



As a single mother I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Bendikson for having helped me conceive my beautiful son, Jasper. Her warmth, patience and encouragement helped me greatly as I embarked on this adventure. Thanks to her help I now have such a precious gift and I couldn't be a happier woman.




These last few weeks have been filled with so much love and happiness as we welcomed our baby girl! We cannot thank USC Fertility enough for all of their kindness and support helping us bring our little miracle into the world! Dr. Paulson held my hand every step of the way. Not only is he a great professional, but also a caring person. Words cannot express how truly grateful I am for such a positive experience that I will forever hold in my heart.

Through all of the tears, smiles and laughter -- Thank you Dr. Paulson and your entire Staff!

Much Love,

Tiffany, Peter and Providencia



As a single mother I am profoundly grateful to Dr. Bendikson for having helped me conceive by beautiful son, Jasper. Her warmth, patience and encouragement helped me greatly as I embarked on this adventure. Thanks to her help I now have such a precious gift and I couldn't be a happier woman. 



Our dreams of becoming parents finally became a reality with the help of Dr. Bendikson and her staff. From our first consultation, Dr. Bendikson earned our confidence, trust and respect. Her compassion and concern were always comforting during our difficult journey, and we will always be thankful for her care.

Happy Parents of a Beautiful Baby Girl, Pasadena

A note from Antoinette and Jeff:

Dr. Bendikson,

We just wanted to say “thank you” for your kindness and patience these past two years. You have always given us the best medical advice and now we are pregnant! You are much more than a doctor and you have helped us through some difficult times. We will miss you terribly. We’ll stay in touch. 

With love, Antoinette and Jeff

From Jo & Peter Workum:

Dr. Bendikson –

I’ll never be able to thank you enough for the incredible gift you have given me (oops…I mean “us”). We so appreciate your style, your talent and your amazing attitude. I get choked up whenever I think of you. You are firmly planted in the center of my heart!

We can’t wait to see you again with a couple of munchkins in tow.

From Yesenia Gipson:

The entire experience was awesome. The staff is professional, kind, knowledgeable, patient and most of all, friendly. Dr. Bendikson is wonderful and my family has been blessed not only with our son, but with an extended family. See you all soon.


From the second I stepped into the lobby, until a month later when I was discharged after the minor surgical procedure to collect my eggs, and all of the appointments in between (and trust me, there were A LOT. I could have had my own personal chair in the waiting room with my name on it), everyone from the receptionists to the doctor handling my case (Dr. Chung) were exceptionally nice, very professional, funny, helpful, and took the time to explain EVERYTHING to me...

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Dr. Chung:

My husband, Jack, and I first met with you a year ago, on February 12, 2008. It's been a very exciting year for us -- I'm typing this with just one hand, because with the other arm I'm holding our daughter, Bridget, who arrived on January 22, 2009 following our IVF treatment at USC Fertility and a wonderful pregnancy.

Jack and I know that we are parents today because of the excellent care you provided a year ago. We're delighted to be added to your list of successes. I don't have words to express our gratitude -- you've made a dream come true for us.

Please pass along our thanks to Dr. Paulson, Dr. Bendikson, and Dr. Allen. Special thanks, also, to Teri (who guided us through our IVF treatment beautifully); to Allyson (who was the one to call with the good news that I was pregnant); and to Donice and Susie (who are experts with those needles).

We'll send an official announcement soon for the bulletin boards in the hallway. And I'm attaching a couple photos of Bridget, as well as one of both Bridget and me on our first day home from the hospital. Hope you enjoy them.

best wishes,

A note to Dr. Chung:

For everything – you made a very emotional and sensitive process much easier.  All with a kindness, generosity of spirit, and grace.  I will forever be grateful for what you did for us.  Thank you.  I will stay in touch and look forward to introducing you to our babies. 

Much love, Anne

From an anonymous patient:

We are so excited and happy that sometimes we think it is a dream. Anyhow, I want once more to let you (Dr. Bendikson) know that we are extremely thankful for all you have done for us. You are not only a great professional but also an amazing caring person and from the bottom of our heart we appreciate you and how you have accompanied us through this process. Thank you again!

From Christine:

Dr. Chung: I really do appreciate and thank you for the quality of doctor and human being that you are. From my own experience and from experiences shared with me from other friends, there really seems to be no other place like USC Fertility. You get the latest and greatest in modern medicine along with the latest and greatest doctors. You are truly an outstanding doctor who not only holds the medical expertise, but also has the compassion and honesty that separate you from just being a great doctor. I recently shared this with Dr. Paulson because I really believe that he has a knack for picking well-rounded doctors who aren't afraid to connect with their patients. I am truly grateful for the experience I had there and for the way you all relate to your patients. It's an exceptional experience.


From Shelley:

Dr. Chung: There is no way to find the words to express how grateful I am to you and to everyone at the clinic. This is the most amazing thing that has ever happened to me and as obvious as it sounds, I couldn't have done it without you. I have known many women who have gone through the fertility channels to have their babies and I haven't talked to anyone who has had the kind of nurturing, competent, and caring professionals that I had. From the very beginning you held my hand and walked me down this very scary path and were always there when I needed you to be. It was such a positive experience. I feel blessed to have found you and I feel blessed to have Liam and I will never be able to say it enough times...thank you! I will most certainly stop in the next time I am in LA. Liam would love to meet you all!

Send my love to everyone, Shelley

From Kim & Nika:

Dear Dr. Chung: Thank you so much for all of your care and attention in helping us make our particular baby dream a reality. You have been a dream doctor for us - with all of the most prestigious credentials anyone could ever ask for, you are also absolutely, fundamentally, and uncompromisingly human. We appreciate your kindness and the way you let your instincts guide your expertise. We are truly grateful to you for the way you have treated us.

All best wishes, Kim & Nika

From Laura & Roman:

Dear Dr. Paulson -
Now that we've officially "graduated" from USC Fertility, Roman and I want to thank you for, well, everything. There is, of course, the magic you performed - i.e., finding a way to make me pregnant despite a host of medical challenges. Even if you hadn't performed that feat, though, we would still be enormously grateful for your unfailing patience, optimism, attention and humor. As we imagine you've heard from many other patients, you have created a unique fertility practice - a place where people feel genuinely cared about. It's entirely possible that our family and friends are currently thrilled less by the fact that we're expecting than by the fact that they no longer must listen to us regale them with stories about how great you and your staff are. We hope you are well - and we look forward to sending news to the office in early '08 when the results of all your amazing work arrive into our lives.

Thank you! Laura & Roman

Oliver and Stella Grynberg
Born January 31, 2003 to Susan Winfield and Stephen Grynberg

A long time ago, a friend told me about a doctor that had his finger on the pulse of what was happening in the fertility world and that if I needed help having a baby, there was no other place to go. Six years ago, my husband and I walked into Dr. Paulson's office and knew we had found our home. His kindness, support and confidence immediately put us at ease and gave us hope. Dr. Paulson and his staff became our friends and our support system. They cried with us, laughed with us, prayed for us and were there for us at all hours of the day and night. They turned our fear of not being able to have a child into hope. From that hope came two children. Stella and Oliver are little miracles that I believe are in our life because of the incredible determination and knowledge of Dr. Paulson. He always knew what to do, he never gave up and he never wasted time. I feel very grateful for this special doctor and the exceptional team of people that work with him. USCIVF holds a very big place in my heart.

Susan Winfield

Austin Robert Wyckoff
Born November 7, 2005 to Joyce and Dale Wyckoff

Our experience with Dr. Paulson was incredible. He is such a kind and caring man. We were given his name for a second opinion by my previous RE after he decided we would not be able to conceive without the use of a surrogate. We had spent over 2 years, gone through 3 IVFs, another one cancelled 3/4's of the way through, many tests and a major surgery, only to be told I could never carry a baby due to a mild case of Adenomyosis. Needless to say I was devastated and not very optimistic by the time we met Dr. Paulson.

At our first meeting, Dr. Paulson told us he saw no reason why my last RE had told us that and then gave us an outline as to how we would approach our goal. We were impressed by the personal attention he gave us. I could email him with my questions and concerns and he always got back to me before the end of the day. A far cry from my last experience where I could wait for days or more for a response that was filtered through the nursing staff.

Transfer day finally arrived. My husband was given a part in the event by controlling the position of my bed, the music was turned on, Dr. Paulson danced a bit and the wait began. I was completely shocked and elated to hear the words, "You're pregnant"! We have been blessed with a beautiful baby boy. Many thanks to Dr. Paulson and his staff, whom without we may have never realized our dreams. It would be wonderful if every RE could be as compassionate and caring.

With much love and thanks, Joyce and Dale Wyckoff

Zoe, Joseph and Evan
Born December 16, 2004 to Heidi Edeskuty and her partner

After a few years of trying to get pregnant and after going through three other fertility clinics, we found Dr. Paulson at USC Fertility. Our experience from day one was very positive. Everyone was extremely caring and professional and handled our care with supreme knowledge and integrity. We got pregnant on our first IVF attempt. We truly believe that Dr. Paulson and his team are gifted and thanks to them, our dream came true. On 12-16-04, our triplets were born. We will forever remember everyone at USC Fertility and hold a special place for them in our hearts. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Heidi Edeskuty and her partner

Vidal Alfredo Monterrosa
Born October 21, 2005 to Angelica Salazar and Vidal Monterrosa.

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