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USC Fertility physicians are pre-eminent authorities on reproductive health matters, and are regularly contacted by the media for feature story input, expert commentary and background information. In addition, USC Fertility practice news is regularly featured in local, national and international press. Links have been provided for a number of the features on this list.

3.8.2012 Dr. Chung pens article Ovarian Tissue Freezing Womens Magazine Spring 2012 Read The Article Here
2.2.2012 More And More Women Finding Fertility Problems Associated With Age Technological advances have made it possible to give older women a change to conceive a child. Read The Article Here
2.2.2012 Pregnant Women Over 50 ‘Do Pretty Well’ Study Finds The average age of women becoming mothers has risen in the United States, and in the last 20 years, a few women have even entered motherhood in their 60s. Read The Article Here
11.1.2010 Women and Cancer Magazine (Fall 2010) Dr. Bendikson’s contribution to the magazine is available in news stands now! Read the article here
6.21.2010 Women & Cancer Magazine (Summer 2010Dr. Chung Contributes Regularly to Women & Cancer Magazine. We’ve reprinted her latest article here. Read the article here.
5.20.2010 Dr. Paulson speaks to about John Travolta and Kelly Preston’s pregnancy. Read more here.
4.19.2010 USC Fertility Launches New Study Examining Natural Cycle IVF A natural cycle IVF (in vitro fertilization) without the use of medications to stimulate the ovary to make multiples eggs.See the Study here
4.15.2010 Women & Cancer Magazine (Spring 2010)Dr. Chung Contributes Regularly to Women & Cancer Magazine. We’ve reprinted her latest article here. Read the article here.
2.16.2010 Women & Cancer Magazine (Winter 2009)Dr. Chung Contributes Regularly to Women & Cancer Magazine. We’ve reprinted her latest article here. Read the article here.
2.12.2010 Dr. Paulson is interviewed by about girl with no vagina getting pregnant from oral sex.Read more here
2.11.2010 Good Morning America Dr. Paulson is interviewed about Celine Dion’s upcoming People Magazine fertility cover story by Good Morning.Watch the clip now
1.5.2010 Associated PressDr. Paulson speaks to the Associated Press about the charges laid against Octomom’s fertility doctor. Click here for the full story.
10.19.2009 Courtney Cox. Sarah Jessica. Celine. Dr. Paulson talks to about celebrity moms and fertility treatment.Click here for the full story.
7.17.2009 ABCNews.comDr. Paulson was recently interviewed by, where he spoke about the reproductive rights of older mothers.Click here for the full story.
5.21.2009 Discovery Health Channel
See Drs. Chung and Bendikson return to Discovery Health’s “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant”Airdate: May 26, 2009, check your local listings for times.
Dr. Paulson is asked to comment on Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s use of surrogacy by the article here
4.21.2009 WebMD Dr. Paulson weighs in on a new study about the controversy over ovary removal for WebMD. Find out more
3.12.2009 Discovery Health Watch Dr. Chung and Dr. Bendikson co-star as the physician experts on the first two of ten “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant” specials, airing on Discovery Health March 17 and 24. Find out more
2.11.2009 CBS News with Katie Couric Dr. Chung to appear on the “CBS Evening News with Katie Couric” tonight to talk octuplets, and the lack of regulations and guidelines for fertility treatments. Check your local listings.
2.9.2009 Dr. PhilDr. Paulson will be one of the guest experts on “Dr. Phil” this Wednesday, February 11, in an episode titled “Octuplet Debate.” Check local listings. See the show summary
2.5.2009 Rise to Action – Los AngelesDr. Karine Chung will be speaking at the Rise to Action event for Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy on the weekend of February 7th.She is also slated to speak about Fertility Preservation in Phoenix, Arizona on February 21st at the Phoenix Ob/GYN symposium.Find out more about Rise to Action
2.4.2009 iVillageDr. Paulson and Dr. Chung participate in “Eight Babies at Once: A Fertility Controversy,” a Q&A on the octuplets for Read it here.
1.30.2009 KTLA & KPCC
Dr. Chung was interviewed live for more than a half-hour on 89.3 FM KPCC Southern California Public Radio’s “Airtalk with Larry Mantle” to discuss the ethics of fertility care and high-order multiple pregnancies.Dr. Chung was interviewed by Jim Nash of KTLA Fox 11 News in Los Angeles about the recent octuplet birth and what it means for patients and for professionals providing them care.
1.27.2009 The Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times, KABC, Fox and more!
Following the birth of octuplets in Southern California, Dr. Paulson was called upon to comment for such media outlets as ABC’s “World News with Charlie Gibson,” KABC 7 and KTTV Fox 11 in Los Angeles, the Associated Press, The Los Angeles Times, and 89.3 FM KPCC Southern California Public Radio’s “Airtalk with Larry Mantle.”See Dr. Paulson on The Today Show
See Dr. Paulson on ABC’s World News with Charles Gibson
See Dr. Paulson on KABC
Read Dr. Paulson’s blog post
Read the AP story
Read the LA Times story
Dr. Paulson is interviewed for a story about reproductive organ anomalies titled “Woman Discovers She Has Two Wombs.” Read it here
12.10.2008 Los Angeles Times
Dr. Paulson was interviewed for the Los Angeles Times cover story entitled “Recession May Set Mood for Baby Bust: Some Couples Make the Painful Decision to Delay Having Children.” Read it here
12.2.2008 Deliver Me, Discovery Health Channel
Dr. Paulson appeared on the “Bringing it On” episode of Discovery Health’s hit reality series “Deliver Me” on December 2.Check local listings for a repeat airing on December 7, and see Dr. Paulson attend the birth and cut the cord when fertility patient Kristan Giordano delivers a healthy baby boy!
11.12.2008 USA Today 
Dr. Paulson was recently quoted in USA Today for a story titled “Sooner vs. later: Is there an ideal age for first marriage?” Read it here
11.10.2008 Washington Post
Dr. Paulson was recently quoted in a story for The Washington Post titled “Freezing Ovaries Preserves Fertility, Scientists Report” Read it here
10.30.2008 The Santa Monica Mirror
Dr. Bendikson has written an excellent article on how egg freezing gives would-be parents more options for her hometown weekly newspaper. Read it here
10.6.2008 Los Angeles Times
Dr. Paulson is quoted twice in this morning’s issue. He appears in both the cover story as well as in the Health section. Read “The Embryo Dilemma”Read “Embryo Adoption is No Easy Mission”
8.11.2008 Mad Men, AMC 
Dr. Paulson consults with the writer-producers of the hit series–set in the advertising world of New York City in the 1960s–about pregnancy testing and other protocols in 1962.
8.4.2008 The Early Show, CBS
Dr. Paulson is interviewed for a segment in the show’s “Medical Miracles” series about the controversial use of the supplement DHEA to improve fertility in women over the age of 40.View the video
6.29.2008 The Santa Monica Daily Press
Thanks to the heightened profile brought by her appearance on Discovery Health’s Baby Week TV special I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant, Dr. Bendikson is profiled in her community newspaper.
6.21.2008 Plum Magazine
Predicting Fertility
6.15.2008 The South-Florida Sun-Sentinel
Dr. Chung is interviewed about sperm- and egg-freezing.
5.14.2008 Science News
Identifying Viable Embryos
Baby Carriers: Cold Cash or Warm Heart?
More Gay Men Choose Surrogacy to Have Children
3.2.2008 W Magazine
Pregnant Pause
2.11.2008 LA Times
A boost for women’s low libido? There’s no approved treatment for the waning of sexual desire after menopase, but a gel is being tested.
12.31.2007 Video Jug
Dr. Paulson interviewed about various infertility topics.
12.26.2007 Counter Punch
From Wall Street to the FDA to Off-Label Drug Huckster for Lilly
12.6.2007 NPR – KPCC Air Talk
Dr. Paulson guest appearance discussing pregnancy over 40.
12.4.2007 Proud Parenting
Becoming a birth mother over 40 is a risky trend. Fertility experts warn of various dangers to both mother and babies.
12.4.2007 LA Times
Rewards as real as the risks for older moms
12.3.2007 LA Times
California’s risky trend: an over-40 baby boom; As one measure triples, experts warn of dangers for mother and babies.
10.3.2007 Healthcare Industry Today
IVF News
Ovarian Tissue Successfully Transplanted in Sisters
7.16.2007 ParentsUnderground123 (Blog)
Your Gamete, Myself
7.15.2007 The New York Times
Your Gamete, Myself
Your Gamete, Myself
Your Gamete, Myself
6.30.2007 The Bradenton Herald
At-home his-and-hers fertility test
6.24.2007 Fort Wayne Journal Gazette
Home fertility test breeds criticism
6.21.2007 Sun-News
His-and-hers home fertility tests
6.20.2007 Mommy Neighborhood (Blog)
Parenting May be no Harder for Older Moms
6.19.2007 The Miami Herald
New kit offers his and her fertility tests.
6.11.2007 LA Times
At-home his and hers fertility test.
Have Kids? Sure … Someday
5.30.2007 Fox News The Morning Show
Dr. Paulson talks about older mothers & fertility.
5.24.2007 NY Daily News
Most docs say it should be ova for women at 50
Baby Born From Frozen Sperm, Frozen Egg
4.13.2007 Los Angeles Times
Her first child is a first
Healthy Living: A Better Way To Freeze Human Eggs
Some Women Choosing To Put Motherhood On Ice
Women Putting Dream Of Children On Ice
3.9.2007 Good Morning America
1.31.2007 The Toronto Star
How old is too old to become pregnant?
1.30.2007 San Jose Mercury News
Fertility specialists debate cutoff age after women’s subterfuge
1.16.2007 PR Newswire
New Scientific and Medical Directors at American Fertility Association Advance Organization’s Enhanced Mission
12.31.2006 The Columbus Dispatch
Long odds, great joy; At 50, first-time mom savors her miracle
10.28.2006 The Times
Well, well…;News
10.24.2006 Yorkshire Post
You can’t bring up a baby while you’re picking up a bus pass
10.23.2006 Daily Mirror
Mums are as healthy at over 50
9.5.2006 CBS News: The Early Show
Profile: Not Your Mother’s Mother
7.8.2006 Indianapolis Star
Too Old To Give Birth?
6.14.2006 Palo Alto Online
Pregnancy and parenting after 35
6.7.2006 ABC News
The Male Biological Clock Clicks Too
5.2.2006 Associated Press
Business of Life Story
4.6.2006 Forbes
Ovary Removal May Boost Long-Term Dementia Risk
4.1.2006 Fertility Today Magazine
NBC’s Inconceivable
1.16.2006 Forbes
Gene May Help Cause Infertility
1.16.2006 US Health & Human Services
Gene May Help Cause Infertility
Gene May Help Cause Infertility
1.1.2006 Family Practice News
Oocyte Cryopreservation Results Have ‘Arrived’ Women’s Health
12.1.2005 OB. GYN. News
Ooctye Freezing Protocol Said to Boost Pregnancy Rates
11.14.2005 Daily Trojan
New fertility advances add more options
11.14.2005 OBGYN & Reproduction Week
California physicians report first findings in trial on oocyte cryopreservation
Refining Egg Freezing Process Boosts Success Odds, Finds Study
Egg Freezing Interim Clinical Study Results
Fine-Tuned Freezing Improves Fertility Rate
Fine-Tuned Freezing Improves Fertility Rate
Egg Freezing Interim Clinical Study Results
Egg Freezing Interim Clinical Study Results
Egg Freezing Interim Clinical Study Results
Egg Freezing Interim Clinical Study Results
Egg Freezing Interim Clinical Study Results
10.20.2005 Kansas City Star
Egg Freezing Interim Clinical Study Results
10.20.2005 KRON 4
USC Physicians Make Strides in Proving Efficacy of Oocyte Cryopreservation
10.20.2005 KVVU-TV
USC Physicians Make Strides in Proving Efficacy of Oocyte Cryopreservation
10.20.2005 Ventura County Star
USC Physicians Make Strides in Proving Efficacy of Oocyte Cryopreservation
10.20.2005 DallasNews
USC Physicians Make Strides in Proving Efficacy of Oocyte
10.17.2005 National Hispanic Corporate Council
Egg Freezing Interim Clinical Study Results
Frozen-egg fertility treatment a success
NBC’s “Inconceivable”
10.17.2005 Telegraph UK
NBC’s “Inconceivable”
10.17.2005 (Seattle, Washington)
NBC’s “Inconceivable”
10.17.2005 Houston Chronicle
Is egg freezing coming into its own?
9.25.2005 (PA)
Egg freezing a hope for preserving reproductive options
9.23.2005 Hartford Courant
Saving Eggs from Harm of Cancer Therapy
9.1.2005 Courier (NJ)
Egg Freezing
9.1.2005 (Jackson, MS)
Banking against the biological clock
8.31.2005 Orange County Register
Egg Freezing
8.31.2005 (CA)
Egg Freezing
8.23.2005 (TN)
More women putting motherhood on ice
Egg Freezing
Egg-freezing gives women extra time on biological clock
Snooze alarm for the biological clock
8.19.2005 (UAE, Gulf Regions)
Banking against the biological clock
8.15.2005 The Morning News (Arizona)
Egg Freezing
8.15.2005 (The Morning News Online) (Arizona)
Egg Freezing
8.9.2005 (Sarasota, FL)
Banking against biological clock
8.9.2005 (Vermont)
Stalling the Biological Clock
Banking on Motherhood. Women wanting to be Moms in the Future Opt to have Eggs Frozen
Beating biological clock
8.8.2005 (Michigan)
First wave of women trying to buy time by freezing eggs
Egg Freezing
Keeping Ovaries After Hysterectomy Boost Survival
Keeping Ovaries After Hysterectomy Boosts Survival
Fertile ground
8.3.2005 The Boston Globe (MA)
Removal of ovaries may affect heart
8.2.2005 Atlanta Journal (GA)
Removal of Ovaries
8.2.2005 Nashua Telegraph (NH)
Egg Freezing
8.1.2005 Chicago Tribune
Motherhood on Ice
8.1.2005 Presbyterian Web
Egg Freezing
7.31.2005 LaCanada/Flint Valley Sun
Egg Freezing
7.31.2005 OC Register
$10,000 is minimum bet in gamble on frozen eggs
7.31.2005 LA Times
Fertility’s Frontier
Hopes for in vitro test, Doctors examine egg-freezing technique after woman gives birth and two others pregnant in NYU study
Egg Freezing
7.16.2005 OBGYN Reproduction Week
Physicians report nation’s first pregnancy with triplets through egg freezing
7.15.2005 LaCanada/Flint Outlook
Egg Freezing
7.14.2005 LA Times
Study Discredits Theory on Low Sex Drive in Women
Frozen-egg Fertility Treatment Succeeds
7.12.2005 USC – HSC Weekly
Frozen-egg fertility treatment a success
Nation’s First Pregnancy with Triplets through Egg Freezing
7.11.2005 North County Times
USC doctors report first U.S. triplets pregnancy through frozen eggs
Physicians Report Nation’s First Pregnancy With Triplets Through Egg Freezing
Egg Freezing
7.6.2005 ASRM
Egg Freezing
7.5.2005 NBC 4 TV
USC Doctors Report Historic Pregnancy
6.24.2005 KRON-4 TV
Egg Freezing
6.24.2005 KVVU TV
Egg Freezing
6.17.2005 National Hispanic Council
Egg Freezing
6.17.2005 Ventura County Star
Egg Freezing
6.17.2005 Yahoo News
Egg Freezing
6.17.2005 ABC 7 TV
Egg Freezing
6.17.2005 Univision TV
Egg Freezing
6.17.2005 Fox 11 TV
Egg Freezing
6.16.2005 KFI Radio
Egg Freezing
6.16.2005 Chinese Daily News
Egg Freezing
6.15.2005 Daily News Wire
Egg Freezing
6.15.2005 Outword
USC Fertility attends LA Pride